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Earlier we published an article with some videos to demonstrate the full exploration of LOL Easiest Path. If you want to check the full paths, you should check our post about Labyrinth of Legends Paths. Today, we will share some videos in which summoners have completed the Path 2 that is also known as Shortest path, but it’s not easy.

Note: I have mentioned Path 2 according to the map I posted here. The path number depends on how people prefer it. Some people do it as their second path and others may do it as their 3rd, 4th, or even last path. So please don’t mind it and just see what opponents you would be facing.

LOL Path 2 (Shortest Path) Full Run With Gwenpool (5-Star R4 / 55)

LOL Path 2 (Shortest Path) Full Run With Blade and Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) (5-Star R4 / 55)

LOL Path 2 (Shortest Path) Full Run With Star-Lord and Gwenpool (5-Star R4 / 55)

Part 1 (Until Electro)

Part 2 (Until Moon Knight)

Part 3 (Until Moon Maestro)