Privacy Policy and Disclosure

We are committed to protecting our users’ privacy, and our policy is all about how we will treat the users’ information.

Comment Policy

Please note that using Spam Comments, Link Building Comments, Vulgar/Abusive words or pictures may end up a ban from commenting without prior notice. You may still be able to use your Social Media account as they are not controlled by us and we are not responsible.

Information what we collect

We collect the information about your visits to our blog that includes your location, browser type, Operating System, duration of your visit, what system you use, what pages you visit on our blog etc.

We collect your email address when you subscribe to our newsletter, but don’t share with any other company or help them to send promotional emails. We can use your email to send you updates about our blogs and any offers we provide.

Cookies are stored by the browser and every time you request a page that is retrieved from the server. We use cookies to enable our blog to identify when you visit. There are two types of it: Session cookies and persistent Cookies. Persistent cookies stay in your browser until you delete them or they expire. However, Session cookies expire once you close the browser.

We analyze our website via Google Analytics. Google generates the information by users’ cookies that are stored in their browser. Thereafter, Google generates the full report or statics of the website. Browsers also allow you to disable the cookies that you can do anytime you want, but this impact the usability of many websites including ours. Want to know more about it? Visit:


Your Age, Location, sex, search term, etc. can also be used to show relevant ads. The ad company can track your visit to our website to show you relevant ads. However, they don’t collect your physical address, email or contact number as long as you don’t want them to provide. Please read about Google Policy and Ezoic Policy to learn more as we use these 2 Companies that serve ads of different type of products/brands/companies/services etc.

Third Party Websites

Our blog may contain links to third party websites, and we are not responsible for their privacy policy and the content.


All the articles published on this blog is unique and we hold the copyright. Copying the content from our blog and publishing somewhere else will be dealt with strictly. We do provide the source if we get the hint or idea from any other websites/blog to write an article. If there is any problem or you want to contact us, please Contact Us and let us know in detail.