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If you are planning to pay Labyrinth of Legends (LOL), then you will first have this question in your mind that what is the easiest past to start the first run. Some players may also think of going for the shorter path to do it quickly. So here we are with all the information you want to know. We are also open to suggestions and ready to answer questions if you have. You can simply comment your queries.

Labyrinth of Legends Complete Path (LOL Map) With Enigmatic Nodes Detail

Take a look at the image below that is prepared by Marvel Trucos to see the full LOL Paths with all champions visible.

LOL New Map detail
Click Image to view full-size image.

The Map with easy path highlight. 

LOL Complete and Clear

The whole Path 1 to 7 if you are trying to 100% LOL

Path 1 to 7
Credit: MCOC Trucos

Clarification if you get confused:

The paths with many lines mean that you have to go through those paths multiple times to clear. Look at the path Number’s color and the line color that matches for the path.

What is the easiest path in LOL event if I want to go for the first run

Having seen the image above, you already have known as Path 1 colored in white in the easiest path, but I will make it even more clear for you with some more detail.

Path 1 Detail

Opponents Health Attack
Red Hulk 1,558,001 2,910
Old Man Logan 1,555,562 2,865
Electra 1,553,428 3,001
Ms. Marvel 1,553,428 3,001
Unst. Colossus 1,557,391 2,888
Adoptoid 329,220 2,369
Colossus 3,386,388 2,888
Falcon 1,555,562 2,865
Gamora 1,553,428 3,001
Magik 1,553,428 3,001
War Machine 1,555,562 2,865
Ant-Man 1,555,562 2,865
Deadpool X Force 1,555,562 2,865
Daredevil 1,555,562 2,865
Venom 1,558,001 2,910
Iron Fist 1,549,770 3,091
Civil Warrior 1,555,562 2,865
Maestro 3,386,998 2,910

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What is the Shortest Path in Labyrinth of Legends (LOL)

Path 2 Detail (The Shorter Path)

Opponents Health Attack
Star-Lord 3,384,559 2,865
Thore (Jane Foster) 3,386,388 2,888
Vision 3,384,559 2,865
Thor 3,386,388 2,888
Electro 2,159,436 3,091
Black Widow 3,382,425 3,001
Doctor Strange 3,384,559 2,865
Moon Knight 3,384,559 2,865
Rocket Raccoon 3,378,767 3,091
Maestro 3,386,998 2,910

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