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Carina’s Challenges have some juicy rewards, but some of the challenges are worst than doing an Abyss Run. However, if you are an end-game player and have nothing to do, this challenge can be used as motivation to keep you occupied.

A Quick Look at Carina’s Challenges, Objectives, and Rewards (Infographic)

Carina Challenges
Image: Cat Murdock

Sorting 9 Carina’s Challenges (Easiest to Hardest), and The Champions You Can Use

1. Mystic Dispersed (Act 5.3.1)

  • Objective: Complete Act 5.3.1 Chapter using only 3-star non-mystic champions
  • Rewards: 15,000 6-star Shards, 3 Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystal, 3-star Cyclops Xavier School, and Cyclops Blue Team.

You have to bring a team of 3-stars. You can use any 3-star champions, just not Mystics.

Best Champions to Use

  • Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) – Build Up Charges and He hits like a 4-star Champion. He can also evade those specials that you can’t (most of the part I mean) e.g. War Machine and Spider-Man’s Specials.
  • Guilly 2099 – Finish every fight with Special 3 and She makes all fights quick and can also regenerate health.
  • Stark-Lord (Duped) – Keep up the combo to finish Quick.
  • Ægon (High Signature) – Build your combo and
  • Nick Fury – Need you to use him in second life, so he can hit hard enough.
  • Void/HT – Not Necessary, but makes Mordo Easier.

What Path to take (rather Easy Path) and Who Works Best

Switch to portal B and Fight These

  • Black Panther (CW) – Any Champion (Build Combo for Guilly or Aegon or use Spider-Man Stark Enhanced)
  • Spider-Gwen – Nick Fury to Stop Evade or Use any champ if you want parry and use 3 hits combo.
  • Gambit – Any Champion
  • Psylocke – Any Champion
  • Hawkeye – Any Champion
  • Red Hulk – Any Champion
  • War Machine – Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) to auto-evade L1
  • Winter Soldier – Any Champion
  • Star-Lord – Any Champion
  • Rocket Raccoon – Any Champion

Switch to Portal B

  • Wolverine X-23  – Any Champion
  • Phoenix  – Any Champion
  • Mordo – Take him down with all champs you have. Guillotine 2099, HT, Void are the top counters you can fit.

2. 1992-1997 (Act 6.1.5)

  • Objective: Do a run of Act 6.1.5 with Only these 5-star Champions: Beast, Gambit, Wolverine, Rogue, Jubilee, Storm, Cyclops Blue Team, and Nightcrawler. (Make a team of any 5 out of those 8 champions)
  • Rewards: 4-star Star-Lord, 50% Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments, and 20% Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragments Selector.

Easy Path to Complete This Objective and who to use

Remove the bane node and you can do the run without any item usage.

Who to use: Use Wolverine for all Fights or Jubilee / Rogue if you don’t have Wolverine. If you don’t have those, use any other champion, you want to use. But, remember Crossbone without Rogue will be expensive.

Take the far left lane and fight these champs.

  • Superior Iron-Man – Any Champion
  • Falcon – Any Champion
  • Sabretooth – Wolverine and Jubilee is best here, but can use other champions too
  • Venom – Any Champion
  • She-Hulk – Any Champion
  • Old-Man Logan – Any Champion
  • Winter Soldier – Any Champion
  • Crossbones – Rogue

3. Asgardian Chedder (Act 5.4.6)

Note: If you don’t have 3-star Loki, do the objective mentioned in number 5 first and then do 3rd one. It will award you 3-star Loki

  • Objective: You can only have a 3-star Loki in the team to do a run of this chapter.
  • Rewards: 15,000 6-star shards, 7 Tier 4 Basic Catalyst, and 300,000 Gold.

Follow this path to get easy counters

  • Take Left Side and Fight Electro

Switch to Resilience or Rage portal, go upper side and fight these:

  • Hulk
  • King-Groot
  • Kingpin
  • Venom
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Gwenpool
  • Rogue

Go Down

  • Daredevil (H.K.)
  • Spider-Man (Stealth-Suit)
  • Ultron

You can check the Full Act 5.4.6 Map with nodes Here.

How to fight Ultron with Loki?

The objective is to fire L3 to apply curse and then just heavy to keep curse on and steal all his buffs. (L1 can also steal buff, but not very reliable). Once you steal his fury, you hit as hard as Ultron Hits. Watch the video below to understand.

4. Astral Anger (Act 6.2.5)

  • Objective: Do a run of Act 6.2.5 with only 5-star cosmic champions in your team
  • Rewards: 20% Tier 5-class Catalyst selector, 500,000 Gold, MS. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

The Easiest Path You Can Take and Who to use

Go towards port 9 and Switch to Port F and Fight these champions

  • King Groot – Any Champion
  • Captain Marvel – Corvus / Captain Marvel Movie / Silver Surfer / Terrax / Super-Skrull
  • Spider-Man Miles – Corvus / Cosmic Ghost Rider / King Groot /Terrax / Groot
  • The Hood – Any Champion
  • War Machine – Any Champion
  • Rhino – Any Champion
  • Abomination – Hyperion, CMM, Medusa, or Any Other Poison Immune
  • Sentinel – Medusa, Vision Arkus, Hyperion, Corvus, Silver Surfer, or any other armor break champion
  • Mordo – (If more than 1 champion is dead in your team, use a team revive and then just use 1 champion (and revive) to beat him. Use any hard hitter.

5. Mike’s Revenge (Act 5.2.6)

All I can say is F**K Kabam Mike! Collector fight is worse than Abyss’s Collector if you are wondering how hard it is. It can make you scratch your hair. LOL!

  • Objective: Do a run of Act 5.2.6 with only 3-star or lower-ranked Cyclops Blue Team and Cyclops Xavier School.
  • Rewards: 7,500 6-star shards, 6-star Rank 1-2 Generic Gem, 3-star Loki

Since Cyclops is not poison/cold snap immune, you won’t want to do the path that has Ice-Man, Scarlet witch, or Abomination. So do this path Instead.

Take this path for an easy run (not easy boss, though)

  • Take Right Side and Fight Kang

Switch to Portal E and fight these

  • Angela
  • Gwenpool

Switch to Portal B 

  • Civil Warrior
  • Loki
  • Drax
  • Guillotine
  • Doctor Voodoo
  • Venom
  • Old-Man Logan
  • Yondu
  • Groot
  • Spider-Gwen – Parry and 3 hits combo to be safe.
  • Collector 

Collector Fight Tips and Video

  • Use Suicide – Highly recommended if you have it unlocked
  • Use all the boosts you can, including a special attack damage boost
  • If you are not an expert in evading his specials, just fire your special as soon as you get a bar of power. Blocking Collector special is a straight death.

He regenerates health whenever he loses 20% health. For example, when he reaches 61% health, he will regenerate. The best thing would be to keep hitting fire special, as soon as he goes 60% health, quit the fight. Else, you may not out damage his regeneration. If you are using Suicide, you may not have to quit if you time your special perfectly.

6. Super Punchout

  • Objective: Use only 5-star and/or 6-star Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) to do a run of Act 6.2.6 Chapter (You can have both Kamala Khan – 5-star and 6-star or just one, it’s up to you)
  • Rewards: 20% Tier 5 Class Catalyst Shards Selector, 450,000 Gold, 1 Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst

This is another head-scratching objective that you will realize after you reach the Boss unless you have even partial skill of the YouTuber (Swedeah L).

Take the path that removes all the link nodes from the Boss

  • Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)
  • Hyperion
  • Iceman
  • Blade
  • Magik
  • Void
  • Hulk Ragnarok
  • Corvus Glaive
  • The Champion

Watch the video to learn how to fight The Champion Boss with Kamala Khan and Other champions on the path

7. Oh Canada (LOL RUN)

  • Objective: Do a Run of Labyrinth of Legends (LOL) with only 4-star Champions tagged as #Canadian
  • Rewards: 1 6-star Nexus Crystal, 1 Million Gold, 4 Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst

Who are Canadian Champions?: Sabretooth, Guardian, Wolverine, Sasquatch, Old-Man Logan, Squirrel Girl, Wolverine Weapon X, Deadpool, Deadpool X-Force, Platinumpool, Goldpool

What Path to Take and Who to use?

You would be using Sabretooth for almost all the fights. Build some charges in the first fight. Make sure you always use Special 3 at least once to keep up the charges (Must have Sasquatch in the team).

How to build 30 Furies with Sabretooth – Video

8. Inhuman Stamina (LOL RUN)

  • Objective: Do a Run of LOL with only 4-star champions tagged as #inhuman.
  • Rewards: 20% Tier 6 Basic Catalyst Fragments, 1 Tier 5 Basic Catalyst, 750,000 Gold.

Who are #Inhuman Champions? Medusa, Black Bolt, Karnak, Kamala Khan, and Quake.

Take the Easy Path Mentioned Here

What to do to save some units?

This run is going to cost you a good amount of units if you don’t have revives in the stash. The best thing to do is prepare your team first. Make sure you have all 5 champions ranked to their max. Use team revives only which is 50% cheaper than using 5 single revives (when spending units).

9. Dance Off (LOL RUN)

  • Objective: A Run of LOL with only 4-star Star-Lord in your team.
  • Rewards: 20% Tier 3 Alpha Catalyst Fragments, 750,000 Gold, and 1 Tier 5 Basic Catalyst

Take the Easy Path Mentioned Here

There is nothing to explain as you will only have 4-star Star-Lord in a team that you would be using. Try not to lose combo and take an easy path, that’s all you can do. Be aggressive to be able to do more damage before you run out of time.

Completion Rewards:

  • 25% Tier 3 Alpha Catalyst Fragments, 25% Tier 6 Basic Catalyst Fragments, 1 Tier 5 Class Catalyst Selector, 50 6-star generic signature stones.
  • Loki Profile picture if you can complete all objectives by June 07, 2021.