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Story Quest Act 5.4.6 Map (All Paths + Easy Path)

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act 5 chapter 4.6

The easy path for Story Quest Act 5.4.6

Section 1: Go via left or right and will lead to the same node

  • Electro (on the left)
  • Yello Jacket (on the right)

Switching to section 2: Resilience or Rage

Go Left to Resilience (Resistor)

  • Luke Cage
  • Abomination
  • Hulkbuster
  • Deadpool X
  • Civil warrior
  • Rhino

Go until the end of the top (close to Iceman) and take right

  • Ms. Marvel (Power Gain)
  • Carnage (Strike Back, Heavy Hitter)

Switching to section 3:

  • Spider-Man (Stark)
  • Ultron Classic : Health – 192,277 and Attack – 8, 496

Note: Every 15 secs after the start of the fight Ultron regenerates 50% base health over 5 secs. Timer refreshes each time it reaches intervals of 25% missing health. He also gets random buffs in the background that gets activated only when you apply a debuff on Ultron, even the parry will trigger it). Power gain debuff is the most dangerous one.

Here is a Video of Resilience Path:

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