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When will Alliance War Season 11 Start?

AW Season 11 is scheduled to start on July 31, 2019.

Will there be new maps and buffs or same as in Season 10?

Kabam has added Defender Tactics in Season 11 that can be chosen as Global node or left blank to let Kabam Apply randomly. You can read all about it here.

Are there any changes in the Ranking?

Kabam has added Platinum 4 that is new in Season 11. Now players ranked between 301 to 800 will fall under Platinum 4 bracket. You can learn more here.

Is there any update in the Season 11 Ranking Rewards?

Yes, Kabam has buffed the rewards. Here are the rewards that AW Season 11 will give you based on your alliance’s ranking.

AW Season 11 Rewards and Ranking

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