How Many Alliances are in Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Stone

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Note: Platinum 4 will be added from Season 11 (starting on July 31st, 2019). It wasn’t there until season 10

BracketTop Alliance RankBottom Alliance RankHow Many Alliances in this Rank?
Platinum 1215030
Platinum 25110050
Platinum 3101300200
Platinum 4301800500
Gold 18011,500700
Gold 21,5013,0001,500
Gold 33,0014,5001,500
Silver 14,5016,0001,500
Silver 26,0019,0003,000
Silver 39,00112,0003,000
Bronze 112,00115,0003,000
Bronze 215,00118,0003,000
Bronze 318,00121,0003,000
Stone I21,00124,0003,000
Stone 224,00127,0003,000
Stone 327,00130,0003,000

This question is usually raised in a bad situation. When your alliance lose wars and keep going bottom, then you try searching how many alliances are available in a particular rank tier so that you can avoid rank-drop.

Should You Use Too Many Resources on War?

The way Alliance War is changing because of the difficulties Kabam is adding, it makes some paths quite difficult to deal with. Considering the rewards Kabam offers for War Win and even the season rewards, it doesn’t seem worth to use too many resources to win the war.

The Glory what you get from Alliance Quest is very useful. It can buy you Tier 2 Alpha shards, Tier 5 Basic Shards, Tier 4 Class Catalyst Shards, and many other upgrade items that are hard to get. Using all your glory on War to get some 5-star and 4-star shards feel like a waste of glory. So it is better to do what you can without putting your Glory and units on war.

Always use glory to buy upgrade items and stack them if you can. So you will be ready for your big next upgrade.

So what I think is that an Alliance should focus on Alliance Quest rather than Alliance War until Kabam brings some good rewards.

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