AQ & AW Maps (Paths)

Alliance War Season 19: Maps, Nodes, and New Buffs

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New AW Local Nodes Coming

AW New Buffs

When Alliance War Season 19 will kick in?

7th July

A new season usually kicks in right after 15 days after the current season ends. However, Kabam wants to have some additional days to push new updates and help summoners get familiar.

The reduction (50%) is War Rating

As well already know that War rating doesn’t change during the off-season. This is made some alliances to skyrocket the war rating that ends up finding back match up. Kabam is ready to reduce War Rating by 50% for every ally.

Update about Defence/Attack Tactics, Buffed Rewards, and Alliance War Solo?

AW Map and Node Buffs for Intermediate, Hard, Challenger, and Expert Allies (Tier 1 to Tier 12 Alliances)

Intermediate Tiers Corresponds to Tier 10 to 12
Hard Tier Corresponds to Tier 6 to 9
Challenger Tier Corresponds to Tier 4 and 5
Expert Tier Corresponds to Tier 1 to 3



Nodes’ Buffs Chart for AW Tier Intermediate (Tier 10-12), Hard (Tier 6-9), Challenger(Tier 4-5), Expert(Tier 1-3)

Click on Image to Download or Enlarge
Note: Those with the blue color background has been updated.

AW Nodes Expert

AW Map and Buffs for Easy and Normal Allies (Tier 13 to Tier 22 Alliances)

Easy Tier = Tier 16 to 22
Normal Tier = Tier 13 to 15

The Map for Easy and Normal Tier will be the same

AW Easy Map

Nodes’ Buffs Chart for AW Easy Tier (Tier 16 to 22) and Normal Tier (Tier 13 to 15)

Click on Image to Download or Enlarge

Easy Normal aw nodes

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