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Alliance War Maps and Nodes’ Buffs (Season 11)

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What is new to AW Season 11?

AW Season 11 will have defender tactics option that Kabam has already launched and all Alliances now can choose Defender Tactics. Defender tactics must be used before starting the placement phase. If not chosen, random tactics will be applied.

Defender Tactics and buffs (Global Nodes)

You can either select 1 or leave to let Kabam apply randomly.

For Tier 1 to 5 Alliances Only


Please check our Defender Suggestion Page to learn more about Defender Tactics.

Kabam is going to use the same AW map in Season 11 that they used in Season. The maps are available in 2 versions. One for easy and Normal Tier Alliances and the other for the rest of the alliances.

AW Map and Node Buffs for Intermediate, Hard, Challenger, and Expert Allies (Tier 1 to Tier 10 Alliances)

Intermediate Tiers Corresponds to Tier 8 to 10
Hard Tier Corresponds to Tier 4 to 7
Challenger Tier Corresponds to Tier 2 to 3
Expert Tier Corresponds to Tier 1 only

hard tier

Nodes’ Buffs Chart for AW Tier Intermediate (Tier 8-10), Hard (Tier 4-7), Challenger(Tier 2-3), Expert(Tier 1)

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buffs tier 1 to 10
Image: Marvel Contest of Champions

AW Map and Buffs for Easy and Normal Allies (Tier 11 to Tier 20 Alliances)

Easy Tier = Tier 14 to 20
Normal Tier = Tier 11 to 13

The Map for Easy and Normal Tier will be the same

easy tier alliance war map
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Nodes’ Buffs Chart for AW Easy Tier (Tier 14 to 20) and Normal Tier (Tier 11 to 13)

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buffs tier 11 to 20
Image: Marvel Contest of Champions

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