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Almost all the Alliance Members who were playing Map 6 or Map 7 have received enough Alliance Tickets to run a few weeks of AQs without spending any resources. However, why not use these weeks to hoard some Alliance Tickets to save resources? If you wonder why I am saying this, I will explain the reason.

Reason to Hoard Alliance Tickets

We have already added an Alliance Ticket Cost Chart Here that explains the reason itself. Every time you buy a ticket using Gold, Battle Chips, or Loyalty, the cost of the next ticket will increase (just like it increases when you buy anything from Glory Store). The cost rests with Glory Store. So it’s better to buy some tickets before you run out of it.

You don’t really need to buy Tickets to Enter AQ because you already have some, but it will save you resources in the future.

Who doesn’t need to Hoard Alliance Tickets

All those who intend to buy Alliance Tickets using Units only, there is no need to hoard. Each ticket costs 3 Units when bought using Units and the cost never increases. It will always be 3 Units @ Per Ticket (unless Kabam announces a change).

Alliance Tickets can also be bought using Money. $1.99 gives you 15 Tickets, $9.99 gets you 150 tickets, and $29.99 will buy you 600 Tickets. So if you are planning to spend money to buy Alliance Tickets, there is no need to hoard as well.