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Alliance Tickets: Everything You Need to Know

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Alliance Tickets? What Are those?

Alliance Tickets are the new way to pay to run Alliance Quests Maps.

What Maps Need Alliance Tickets?

Only Map 6 and Map 7. Maps 1 to 5 are free.

How Many Alliance Tickets Are Needed to Run Map 7 and Map 6?

MapsEach EntryEach BG/Day
Map 615 Tickets150 Tickets
Map 730 Tickets300 Tickets

Can I Purchase Tickets Spending Money ($$)?

Yes, here are the costs.

  • $1.99 = 15 Tickets
  • $9.99 = 150 Tickets
  • $29.99 = 600 Tickets

How Much Does a Ticket Cost When Bought Spending Units?

3 Units each ticket.

Each Week Cost to Participate in 5 days of Map 7 or Map 6 in Units, Gold, Battle Chips (BC), and Money

Note: The cost mentioned below in the table is based on each week’s ticket purchase from the Glory Store. The price of the ticket increase every next ticket when bought using Gold, BC or Loyalty (not applicable when bought using units)

Map 6225566,85081,00463,657
Map 74501,310,995227,991179,154

How to Decrease Cost of Ticket Purchase

Never use one specific commodity to buy all tickets (unless you are using units to buy) because the price will increase every next ticket. Buy using different resources. Let’s see an example:

My Alliance Play Map 6 All 5 days. How to minimize costs?

Map 6: You need 75 Tickets for a Week: Each Week Cost Detail

  • 30 Tickets with Loyalty: 19,713 Loyalty Spent
  • 30 Ticket with Gold: 206,348
  • 15 Tickets with Battle Chips: 11,422

What happens when just one BG is running Map 6 and Rest are Running Map 5

Always apply this formula to calculate the cost for each member.

Each Member Cost = Total Cost / Number of Battlegroups x 10

So 1 BG Map 6 each day and 2 BGs Map 5 each day cost for the whole week

Total Cost = 150 each day x 5 = 750 tickets each week

=> 750 / 3 x 10

=> 750 / 30

=> 25 Ticket Each Member for Whole week.

Alliance Tickets Cost Chart (Resets with Glory Store)


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