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When it comes to ranking 5-star champs, players should choose wisely as they cost lots of resources to upgrade them. It should be okay to upgrade any 5-star champ to R3 (Rank 3), but when you want to use Tier 2 Alpha (T2A) or Tier 2 Basic Catalyst (aka T2B), you should be very careful what you are upgrading as they are very rare to get. Let’s come to the point and learn what champs deserve T2B or R5 rank

I want to upgrade a 5-star champ to R5, what champ should I consider?

  • BladeBlade has become the best champion that everyone wants to get and upgrade to R5. I hope, I don’t need to explain so much. His damage is awesome and he can shrug off debuffs (depending on the power bar). Balde is the only champ that may prevent Magik from getting in Limbo mode. Last but not least that he also regenerates.

  • Star Enhanced Spider-ManThis one deals a great, a real great damage. Whenever it evades or you use dexterity, Stark Enhanced Spider-Man gains a poise charge that increases his attack. He can get 10 maximum poise. He also evades attacks and he is awesome when it comes to evading special attacks.

  • IcemanIceman is immune to Incinerate, Bleed and poison. A Duped Iceman starts the fight with Cold Snap that deals a great damage and also prevent the target from evading. The Special 1 and Special 3 also trigger Cold Snap. So he is a great champ to find Spiderman Classic or any other champs that evade.

Some more champs that you may consider taking to R5

  • Doctor Voodoo
  • Arch Angel
  • Ghost Rider
  • Star-Lord
  • Magik
  • Domino
  • Void

Here is what Seatin Man of Legends think about the best 5-star champs that you can R5