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Champions Tier List for Offense – September 2020 Updated

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Top Best Attackers In the Order that you can Rank R5 (5-Star) or R3 (6-Star)

  1. Ghost (Need Synergy to be great)**
  2. Quake (Only if you can play her)
  3. Corvus Glaive (Duped)
  4. Domino
  5. Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
  6. Captain America IW (High Sigs + Synergy)
  7. Doctor Doom
  8. Nick Fury (Duped)
  9. Captain Marvel Movie (Duped
  10. Void (Duped)
  11. Omega Red (Duped + Signature)
  12. Hyperion (Duped)
  13. Human Torch
  14. Guillotine 2099
  15. Symbiote Supreme

### We also don’t have Ægon listed there because he is not useful in usual Quests / AQ / AW, else he should have gone at the top in our list.

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) Champs Offense Tier List Divided into Different categories

The Best Tier Champs to add to your attack team (People also know them as God Tier Champions)

* – Champions with * sign is available as 4-star only, and you can max them out.
D – Must be Duped.
S – Required More Signature.
T – Requires Synergy Team.

Archangel  ( )Blade  ( D + S)Corvus Glaive
Captain America (IW) Domino Doctor Voodoo ( )
Star-Lord ( )Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)Void ( )
Medusa ( )Ghost ( ) Omega Red ( D + S)
IcemanNamor ( )Emma Frost
Hyperion )Ægon D + S)Ghost Rider ( 
WarlockQuakeCaptain Marvel (Movie)
Vision (Arkus)Cull Obsidian ( )Nick Fury ( )
Symbiote SupremeSunspotBlack Widow (Claire Voyant)
Guillotine 2099Spider-man (Stealth Suit)Doctor Doom
Human TorchLongshotSorcerer Supreme
Red GuardianStorm (Pyramid X)Proxima Midnight ( )
Hit MonkeyColossusGuardian
Black Widow (Deadly Origin)SasquatchDragon Man
Magneto (Both Version)Professor X ( D + S)Apocalypse (S)

Some Low Tier Champs that Becomes God Tier With Synergy

This list still needs to be updated. Let us know in comment if you know of some great synergy team.

ChampionsRequired Synergy
Black Bolt (Duped)Hit Monkey + Medusa
Winter Soldier Killmonger
Red HulkShe-Hulk
Unstoppable ColossusRed Guardian
Mister FantasticThing+Invisible Woman+Human Torch
MephistoThe Champion+Doctor Strange/Ghost Rider
Night Thrasher (High Sigs) Guillotine

The Better Tier Champs to Rank if You haven’t got those mentioned in the Best Tier List (People also know these champs as Demigod Tier champions)

* – Champions with * sign is available as 4-star only, and you can max them out.
D – Must be Duped.
S – Required More Signature.
T – Requires Synergy Team.

Mister FantasticVenom the DuckGwenpool
Wolverine -X23 Wolverine)*
HelaKilllmongerLuke Cage
MasacreHulk Ragnarok (Gulk)Carnage ( )
SabretoothScarlet Witch ( + )*
Red Hulk (Rulk)
Vision (Both Version) ( )HulkbusterBlack Widow ( D + )
RoninSpider GwenThe Champion
Darkhawk (  + T )Night Thrasher ( D + )Thing
GamoraWaspMorningstar ( )
SentinelInvisible WomanMister Sinister
Silver SurferMysterioAnnihilus ( )
Mole ManRogueElsa Bloodstone
Man-ThingOld-Man LoganMephisto ( )
Squirrel girlDoctor OctopusMojo ( )
TigraIron Man Infinity War (IMIW)Taskmaster ( + ) 
Air Walker

Some Low Tier Champs that Becomes DemiGod Tier With Synergy

This list needs some updates. We are working on it, you can still let us know in the comment if you know of a good synergy team.

ChampionsRequired Synergy
Unstoppable ColossusRed Guardian
AbominationRed Guardian
SentryVoid+Ægon+The Champion

The Good Tier Champions

* – Champions with * sign are available as 4-star only, and you can max them out.
D – Must be Duped.
S – Required More Signature.
T – Requires Synergy Team.

Hawk-EyeDormammuThor Ragnarok ( D + )
DiabloBishopIron Fist (Both Version) ( )
DraxCrossbonesNova ( )
Thor ( )AngelaThe Hood
Hulk ( )TerraxM.O.D.O.K
Captain Marvel (Classic) ( D + )Ms. Marvel ( + )Yellow Jacket ( )
HeimdallUltron (Both Version) ( )Winter Soldier ( )
Storm ( )GuillotinePhoenix ( + )
YonduSpider-Man Symbiote ( )Nebula

Some Low Tier Champs that Becomes Good Tier With Synergy

ChampionsRequired Synergy
Ebony MawAir-Walker

The Okay Tier Champions

Black Bolt ( )Dr. StrangeBlack Panther (Classic) ( )
PunisherMordoGreen Goblin
GoldpoolDeadpool (Red)Psylocke
Daredevil Classic ( D + S )Red SkullCaptain America (Both: Classic and WWII)
Ebony MawSentry

The Badluck Tier (If you are not pulling good champs, you can work with these)

BeastKarnakPunisher 2099
Juggernaut ( )Cyclops (Both Version) ( )Agent Venom
KangCivil WarriorSpiderman (Classic)
Deadpool X-Force ( )Spider-Man Miles MoralesDaredevil (Netflix) ( )
King Groot ( )RonanElectro ( )
Thor (Jane Foster) ( )LokiMoon Knight

The Worst Tier or Meh Tier  (You are not supposed to upgrade these fellows for offense team)

Ant-ManUnstoppable ColossusGambit
FalconIron PatriotRhino
Iron ManWar MachineRocket Raccoon
Black Panther (CW)Kamala KhanHoward The Duck
VultureVenompoolSuperior Iron Man
AbominationGrootJoe Fixit

Note to Readers:

Please note that we have now created the list based on our own research and it has nothing to do with the list created by Seatin Man of Legends guy.