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Champions Tier List for Offense – November 2018 Updated

To beat the opponent in a fight and also do well in AW and AW, you must have a collection of great champs and understand what should be upgraded to best the best of them and what should be put on hold or avoided to upgrade. So we have brought the list of top-tier champs.

Top 10 Best Attackers In the Order that you can Rank 5 / 65

  1. Ægon
  2. Domino
  3. Spider-Man (Stark-Enhanced)
  4. Void (Duped)
  5. Ghost
  6. Corvus Glaive
  7. Hyperion (Duped)
  8. Medusa (Duped)
  9. Archangel (Duped)
  10. Blade (Duped) – Check Note

Note (Why Blade is at last)

Instead of wasting your Tier 5 Catalyst on Blade and ranking him 5, use them on another champ. The reason why I am saying this is because Blade can regenerate health back whenever his health is lower than 70%. So instead of Ranking him 5, just add more signatures to Blade to improve his regeneration ability and when he has 200 Signatures, he regenerates like a monster. He usually won’t go lower than 70% health if you don’t suck at fighting like I do.

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) Champs Offense Tier List Divided into Different categories

The Best Tier Champs to add to your attack team (People also know them as God Tier Champions)

These are the champs that you can Rank 5 / 65

Archangel  (Duped)Blade  (Duped)Corvus Glaive
Captain America (IW) Domino Doctor Voodoo (Duped)
Star-Lord (Duped)Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)Void (Duped)
Medusa (Duped)Ghost (Require Synergy Team) Omega Red (Duped)
Iceman (Duped)MagikEmma Frost
Hyperion  (Duped)Ægon

The Better Tier Champs to Rank if You haven’t got those mentioned in the Best Tier List (People also know these champs as Demigod Tier champions)

Try keeping these champs at Rank 4 / 55 max unless you have a long time bad luck and you are not pulling any mentioned under best tier

QuakeVenom the DuckGwenpool
Wolverine -X23 Wolverine (Duped)Venom
HelaKilllmongerLuke Cage
MasacreHulk Ragnarok (GHulk)Carnage (Duped)
Sabretooth – Needs at least 3 fights to make him do great damageScarlet Witch (Duped + High Signature)Red Hulk (Rulk)
Vision (Both Version) (Duped)Proxima Midnight (Duped) – After 100 Hits. Best for Long fights, like ROL, LOLBlack Widow (Duped + High Signature)
Symbiote SupremeIron Man Infinity War (IMIW)Ghost Rider (Duped
The Champion

The Good Tier Champions

Champs That You can Rank 3 / 45 or 5 / 50 in case of 4-star.

MorningstarDoctor OctopusIron Fist (Both Version) (Duped)
Taskmaster (Duped)Mephisto (Duped)Sentinel
Thor (Duped)AngelaThe Hood
Hulk (Duped)WaspM.O.D.O.K (Tip: Parry and Heavy)
Captain Marvel (Duped + High Signature)Ms. Marvel (Duped + High Signature)Yellow Jacket (Duped)
HeimdallUltron (Both Version) (Duped)Winter Soldier (Duped)
Storm (Duped)GuillotinePhoenix (Duped + High Signature)
YonduSpider-Man Symbiote (Requires Synergy Team)Nebula
DraxBishopThor Ragnarok (Duped + High Signature) – Use L3, else he sucks.

The Okay Tier Champions

Black Bolt (Duped)Dr. StrangeBlack Panther (Classic) (Duped)
PunisherMordoGreen Goblin
GoldpoolDeadpool (Red)Psylocke
Daredevil Classic (Duped + High Signature)Red SkullCaptain America (Both: Classic and WWII)

The Badluck Tier (If you are not pulling good champs, you can work with these)

BeastKarnakPunisher 2099
SentryCyclops (Both Version) (Duped)Agent Venom
KingpinCivil WarriorSpiderman (Classic)
Deadpool X-Force (Duped)Magneto (Both Version) (Duped)Daredevil (Netflix) (Duped)
King Groot (Duped)RonanOld Man Logan
Thor (Jane Foster) (Duped)LokiMoon Knight
Spider-Man Miles MoralesJuggernaut (Duped)Electro (Duped)

The Worst Tier or Meh Tier  (You are not supposed to upgrade these fellows for offense team)

ColossusUnstoppable ColossusHulk Buster
FalconIron PatriotRhino
Iron ManSpider GwenRocket Raccoon
GamoraKamala KhanHoward The Duck
VultureVenompoolSuperior Iron Man
AbominationGrootJoe Fixit
She-HulkAnt-ManWar Machine
Black Panther (CW)

Note to Readers:

Please note that we have now created the list based on our own research and it has nothing to do with the list created by Seatin Man of Legends guy. For example, he still thinks Gwenpool and Magik are the God Tier Champions, but we don’t. They do have potential and does good damage, but the Best Tier or God Tier list here includes only those champions that have the potential to use your Tier 5 Basic Catalysts (I mean those 5-star champs can be maxed out).


      1. Author

        Bishop’s damage is fair, but he isn’t worth a higher rank up. He won’t give you much even with Synergy. If you have other champs, like Iceman, X23, Archangel, Wolverine (Duped), Emma Frost, Omega Red, rank them.

  1. iron man iw needs to be high Demi god he has decent damage, evade counter, unblock able sp1 with heal block and decent power control. plus if your not theist player auto block can really save you.

    1. Author

      Updated! I wasn’t aware of his power control feature, by the way. His attack actually sucks as tested on ROL, but he is awesome for short fights. So you can even take him to AW as an attacker. He takes less damage because of armor and strong block proficiency. He also takes no thorn damage while fighting Korg even when the first his is a medium attack.

      1. If you stack plasmas in ROL he can kill really fast there, hes so much fun in ROL, especially if you have him awakened under 15% health. Check out seatins imiw 7 tricks video

  2. Author

    His aura is the thing that increases some damage and he gets this after he is duped. Mephisto doesn’t hit hard enough. People usually ranked him to use in defense, but as Kabam brought Blade, Void, Emma, etc.. Mephisto lost its defensive ability too. Now you will hardly see him as Boss or Miniboss that he always used to be.

  3. Author

    Yeah, had to update the list, but I was being lazy. I have done that now and moved some champs to that tier, like Drax and Yondu.

  4. If you stack plasmas in ROL imiw can kill really fast there, hes so much fun in ROL, especially if you have him awakened under 15% health. Check out seatins imiw 7 tricks video

    1. Author

      Plasma certainly helps to kill faster as it controls the power. He takes less damage because of block proficiency and below 15% health he gets even tougher. I like him. However, A 5-star R3 IMIW will still need over 450hits to kill each champ in ROL that’s no fun. Proxima Midnight is best for ROL if you can keep the combo. She hits harder than whole MCOC champs after 100 hits.

    1. Author

      My Bad! Edited now. Winter Soldier (Duped) is a good tier. Good damage and power drain. Black Panther (CW) is added now and he is the worst one you wanna upgrade as an attacker, but he is an awesome defender.

    1. Author

      It could be the browser cache that preventing you to see. Clear the cache or try of the different browser to check the updated detail. Black Panther (CW) deserves to be in the worst tier. His attack damage sucks big time even when he is duped. This is one of the reason you will never see people bring him in AQ or AW as an attacker. He is always placed as a defender.

    1. Author

      Duped R4 is Balde is just fine as he will keep regenerating health when he goes lower than 70% of health. So instead of ranking him high, add more signatures to him to improve the regeneration.

      So Domino should be a better choice I think especially if you have at least 4-star Red Hulk for Synergy. Then Domino’s heavy attack is a tank.

  5. I think Thor Ragnarok deserves to be 1 teir up once he unleashes a sp3 the armor shock and stun damage is reidiculous plus the new champion synergy with Thor is great. he’s not a bad defender because if you forget about the power gain he will shoot right up to sp3 and your done.

    1. Author

      He has so much utility. A Duped Void can permanently stop power gain of champions like Hyperion and would also stop power gain from MD. His can reverse regeneration effect and make the opponent degenerate the amount of regeneration instead. 5-star Void get attack boost (up to 4409, depends on the amount of signature). There is no champ that is immune to his degeneration (some champions with ability accuracy can prevent, but no one is 100% immune). Void can also regenerate health with KM Synergy.


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