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Back Issue #3 (Variant 3): Polar Opposites (All Detail)

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Earlier we published partial detail on the Back Issue 3 and now we have all the detail you should know. Let’s do it FAQ way to make it more clear for all summoners.

When will Kabam Release Back Issue #3?

10 am PT, Wednesday, August 14th!

How Many Difficulties will it Contain?

Two Difficulties: Classic and Variant.

How Many Chapters and Quests Will Back Issue 3 have?

Total Six Quests divided into 3 chapters.
Back Issue 1 and Back Issue 2 both have 9 quests, but Back Issue 3 will have only 6, so nothing to be confused.

Will there be any gate to bring specific champs?

No, not at all.

Who will be the Boss and Miniboss?

  • Colossus: Boss
  • Old-Man Logan: Miniboss

What champions will get the Most Benefit?

Tech Champions: Especially Sentinel

  • Sentinel: Apex Manufacture is a new global node that will help sentinel get analysis charges faster and will also deal bonus true damage additionally based on his charges.
  • All other Tech Champs (including Sentinel): Composite Construction global node will make all tech champions immune to ability accuracy modification and it will also increase the attackers’ debuff by X% based on how many tech attackers you have in the team.

What year Champs will I be able to rank with R3 to R4 Gems?

2015 and 2016 champs only.

What are the new Nodes that Back Issue #3 (Variant 3) will have?

Here are the list of new buffs that you will face in the Variant 3 and these are the addition to the current buffs.


What are the rewards for completion as the exploration of Back Issue 3?

The rewards will remain as it is. Just check the rewards of Back Issue #2 or Back Issue #1 already available in the game and they will remain the same for Back Issue #3. Here is the screenshot posted by Kabam that explains full rewards. for Classic and Variant difficulty.



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