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Players have been waiting for the Champion’s Clash event for long and it has been asked many times on the forum, but none of the Kabam’s forum moderator bothered to answer the question. One of them did reply, but the replay was complicated. They mentioned in the comment that they have no detail for now, but will notify via a forum post. But, Kabam didn’t add any update under announcement.

However, one of the Summoner mentioned that it was notified by the email. According to the email, The Champion’s Clash event is supposed to enter the contest today “November 28.” They haven’t mentioned the exact time, but we expect to arrive on 1PM EST as most of the Kabam events are released at 1PM.

the champions clash

The Champion’s Clash event is going to be a gauntlet style event quest where you will fight path of 5 foes and finally the main boss. The main boss is “The Champion.” Thanks to Kabam “it’s not at least Ægon.” LOL!