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The new monthly event “Brawl in the Battlerealm” has 1 annoying champ “Aegon” or “Ægon.” He has been made even more annoying in the Uncollected chapter.

What is making Aegon (Ægon) more difficult to fight in Uncollected Chapter

  1. Uncollected Aegon gives you 50 seconds to fight and then all of his attacks are unblockable. The fact is that you don’t even get 50 secs ‘coz he gets unstoppable and stun-immune for a couple of seconds everytime he uses the special attack or heavy attack. So you just need to keep away during the unstoppable period.
  2. You cannot block his attacks as the block damage is way too much. Your 5-star R4 champions are likely to die after you block few attacks.
  3. He regenerates a lot of health.
  4. You have 1 and only 1 chance to fight him. If you can’t one-shot him, you will not be able to kill him. After the first fight, it seems you cannot even parry him. Your 5-star Max champ will die even if he hits the block for 2 or 3 times. That means, once caught (even while blocked), you are dead.

What champions are the best to encounterÆgon?

1. Archangel (at least 4-star Max Duped)

Archangel is the best option to beat uncollected Aegon, even a 4-star will do. However, try using the attack boost to not miss your 1 chance.

Tip: Parry —> Heavy –> Parry —> Heavy —> Save L3 and use it when 50 mins are up and he gets unblockable. L3 will make him stun and you will get the chance to hit him few more times. He should be dead by that time anyway. You may use L1 before L3, but it completely depends on how aggresively you are fighting.

2. Domino

Domino with Red Hulk Synergy hits harder and we all know it. However, you will need at least 5-star R4 Domino to finish within 50 seconds.

Parry –> Heavy –> Parry –> Heavy….. L2.

3. Magik

You need Minimum 5-star R4 Magik. Lock power with L2 and beat him down.

4. Void

Void can stop the regeneration and even reverse it to degeneration. However, it completely depends on the luck how fast you get it applies the Petrify debuff. If Petrify debuff is the last one to go, then 50 seconds may not be enough. Just like the video below. It became unblockable in the end and the player had to intercept for a few seconds.

Always use L1 and Try to use get L1 as fast as you can. If he is about to die, stay away and let the degenration do its work rather then intercepting ‘coz missing 1 and you are done.

5. Ghost

Ghost can knock down Aegon earlier than 50 seconds if you combine her with YelloJackt, Antman, and Wasp Synergy.

Tip: Always use L2 whenever ready.

6. Symbiote Supreme

A true buff eater. This guy got the potential.

7. Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)

You need at least R4 5-star to beat this shit. R5 is better, though. R4 may make you do little intercept in the end.

Create 10 poise before you wanna hit for faster kill and to avoid him goin unstoppable after special.

8. Star-Lord (5-star R4 at least)

Oops! Did I just mention Star-Lord? Yes, I did and he can. But, how? You got to Max “Recoil” Mastery. Use L2 two times, and Aegon should be dead. Do not lose the combo. However, it’s an expensive way to unlock if you have this option still locked.

9. Dr. Voodoo

If you have a 5-star R5 duped Voodoo, he should do that for you.

Bonus Tip (How to One-Shot Aegon: Smart Way)

  • While fighting Ægon if you see that you won’t be able to one shot him, just quit the game before you die.
  • Now get back to the game and it should recover the fight and you can fight again from the start. (The fight recovers only once in a couple of hours I think. Doing the same second time will not recover for sure).
  • If you got multiple champs mentioned above, better bring all of them: After recovering the fight if you feel the same again that you cannot finish him. Quit the fight again. When you launch app now. You will see that your champion has lost half health and Ægon should still have full health.
  • Now fight with another champ and try to kill.
  • The objective is to take Ægon down in one shot, else it’s impossible to kill him from the second fight.