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New monthly event Quest always brings new champs. This month we have Invisible Woman and Namor. Domino is the best counter against both the champs that finishes the fight very quickly if you have Domino ranked high and you combine it with Red Hulk and Masacre Synergy. However, if you don’t have one, you will certainly have issues and the fights would be little time consuming, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Let’s what a few videos here!

Invisible Woman One Shot Takedown Vidoes (How to Defeat Invisible Woman)

Domino vs Invisible Woman (With Red Hulk and Masacre Synergy)

Synergy is not necessary, but it helps to finish the fight faster and you also get to avoid her invisibility as it increases the stun duration and you can just parry and heavy the whole fight.

Daredevil vs Invisible Woman

Why Daredevil: Because he is already blind and he doesn’t need to see her to fight. So you can just keep hitting even when she is invisible.


Archangel vs Invisible Woman

One Neurotoxin is applied, Archangel will shut down her invisibility as well as regen (that she gets because of Masochism node)

Corvus Glaive vs Invisible Woman

Complete some missions to get increase critical rating for faster kill.


Ghost vs Invisible Woman

Omega Red vs Invisible Woman


Hovok vs Invisible Woman


Haven’t seen a video so far, but Void can do it if you time it right. Try to parry her when void is ready to throw an Intimidating Presence Debuff or before using L1. Once Void applies 2 petrify debuffs, just parry her to trigger regen that will actually be reversed to degen. You can now throw L1 and let void throw debuffs whenever he wants. Every time the regen timer triggers, you can parry her and hit.