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Update: MCOC 19.0.1 iOS Update is a Band-aid on the Wound

Earlier I reported that this update made the overheating situation worst, but it seems to be changed now. I Actually did a clean installation of the app (Uninstalled it and Installed it again)The Clean Installation did a trick, but it didn’t the issue. Now I can play a little longer, but it still overheats. However, it may not be the same for all players as I have read on the forum many players have not noticed any change.

Update Ends Here

After the failure of 1st beta version, Kabam pushed another beta version for some users and that update arrived as 19.0.1 in the App Store. Please note that all users have not received the update, but just some of them as  Kabam just wanted to get feedback first if it fixes the issue.

Well, I rushed to update MCOC to the 19.0.1 as soon as I received the notification like many other users. But, what it brought is very awful. “Damn! F*** Kabam!” This update has made the situation even worst, Yes, WORST, I repeat it. Now my iPhone overheats very quickly, sooner than earlier.

So You should not try updating your iPhone to 19.0.1 Update if you don’t wanna get even more annoyed. Kabam is making tough to play Marvel Contest of Champions. If this continues, I would soon give up on Kabam. I love my Phone more than this game and Kabam is not gonna compensate if this overheats damages my phone.

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