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Update: MCOC 19.0.1 Update Came up with some more fire

Update: July 20, 2018

As we mentioned earlier that the first beta version of the Marvel Contest Of Champions failed to fix the bug, Kabam now wants to release the 2nd update.

MCOC Overheat bug

Like the previous beta version, this update may also take a week, and again there is no guarantee that it will fix this. Let’s hope for the best and see what happens next.

———- Update Ends ———-

We all have been waiting for the bug to be fixed that arrived with Marvel Contest of Champion 19.0 update for iOS users. Recently Kabam informed that they have released the beta version and some testers have been testing it. It’s been more than 2 weeks now, but no new update has been released for all users.

What happened with the Beta Version that Kabam released for some volunteers to test

Please note that the beta version Kabam released doesn’t seem to be working fine for all users. One of the Kabam Team Members reported that some testers reported about the improvement, but some are still having issues. So basically the app is still crashing and causing the overheat to the device. Here is the screenshot what Kabam recently reported;

mcoc update

So when the overheating issue is going to be fixed?

If you have read the statement given by Kabam team, that sounds really disappointing. They don’t even have an estimated date for the new update. So it would probably take some, or there is a possibility that we won’t get any update this month.

So take a break from this shit, enjoy your life and have some family and friends time instead of damaging your iPhone. Come back when the issue is fixed. 😉