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Well, before you come to a conclusion, let’s have a look what Mysterio can do.

What’s Great about Mysterio?

There are many great things about Mysterio that you will enjoy.

A great Domino Counter

  • Mysterio is immune to Ability Accuracy ability so Domino cannot trigger Critical Failure that saves him from losing health because of critical failure. Domino’s L3 may cause armor break and if it doesn’t his immunity to ability accuracy will shut down for 10 seconds.
  • He is a tech champ, so he can never be unlucky.
  • Tech class also gives him an advantage that increases his attack.

Passive Heal Block (Works on Debuff Immune and Also on Champs that Shrugs off)

Mysterio can inflict heal block permanently as each finished combo with light attack inflicts heal block. Heal Block inflicted by Mysterio is passive and it cannot be shrugged off and it will work even on debuff immune champions.

Mental Immunity: Immune to Reverse Control

If you use Emma Frost (4-star or above) with Mysterio, he will be immune to Mind Control. So whether it’s AQ’s Thanos or Emma Frost, you can fight normally without caring about Mind Control.

Other Benefits

  • Special 2 Drains 6% power per second and it depends on how long the Illusion Gas Passive lasts (minimum 4 seconds).
  • While Illusion Gas Passive is active, you can safely use the heavy attack against almost all the champs and all attacks by the opponent will be missed (unless the opponent has the ability to bypass invisibility, like Daredevil).
  • After Special 3 Mysterio gets 3424.2 Attack Boost (5-star max champ) and 300% increased potency of poison debuffs that lasts 10 seconds minimum and may have increased duration depending on the stacks of Chemical Gas he has.
  • Poison Immunity.

Is Mysterio a God Tier Champions?

In short, No.

Mysterio has great utility like Power Drain, Poison Immunity, Ability Accuracy, etc., but it completely depends on the roaster you have. There are many champions who have such abilities. His damage output is fair, but I won’t consider him among top champs. His damage output will get even worst against poison immune champs.

So he is an ocassianly useful champion and you may never need him if you have a good roaster of champions.

Leaving your with this Video Uploaded by Legacy to See Mysterio’s Damage in Action