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Earlier we talked about why Iron Man Infinity War is a God Tier champion, and today we will showcase Act 6.1.6 video where IMIW deals all or nothing node and finish the fight very quickly.


  • Must be Duped / Awaken.
  • The more signature it has, the better it’s gonna work. I got 70 signatures while recording the video you will find at the end of the article.
  • If IMIW has more than 15% health, you need to take some damage to bring his health down. (Tip: You can force quit the app to bring his current health 50% down).

imiw duped

  • IMIW generates power below 15% health and the power generation depends on the amount of signature you have added. He will generate power only when he has at least 1 stack of armor. Try not to hit the opponent when he is generating power. Once he has 1 bar full, use Special 1 and then start fighting as Energy Damage will control the power. He should reach L3 quickly now because of Armor and power regeneration. Now use L3. You can keep using L3 in normal cases, but I have combined L3 and L1 because Act 6.1.6 doesn’t allow you to use the same special attack again and again.
  • You may use Tech Power Boost to make the power gain even more effective.

Above mention, tips might be boring and little confusing without a demo, so I have recorded a few fights while using IMIW in Act 6.1.6 chapter.