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What is special about IMIW?

Power Control – Best of the best: One of the best to avoid Magik’s Limbo Damage

Use Special 1 attack and it will cause energy damage, and here starts the Power Control. If you keep using just Special 1, there is 90% chance that you will never have to bait opponent to use the special attack as the opponent will use Special itself at some point. It takes over 60 hits to the opponent to reach L3 under the effect of that energy damage. Special 1 attack doesn’t give power to the opponent. L1 is unblockable, so it guarantees hitting the opponent even if the opponent is blocking.

Use L3 or Use Special 2 Attack + Then Use Special 1: Hit once when to Incinerate and energy damage both are active, and it will cause Plasma Passive that controls power even better than L1. You can combine multi Plasma Passive and 100% control power.

The first Medium hit, the first Heavy hit, and the second and fourth Light attacks employ point-blank Repulsor blasts that don’t give any power to the opponent.

Note: Incinerate caused by Special 2 doesn’t expire unless you fail to hit at least once before the timer ends.

All or Nothing Nodes (including Act 6.1.6):

Damaging around 180K health without giving opponent 3 power bar. Can anyone do it except Quake? Well, there are some champs that can do, but not in Act 6.1.6 where you cannot use the same special attack second time in a row. However, Iron man Inifity War can handle it. We have discussed this in detail here if you want to learn more. Here is a demo video from Act 6.1.6.

Damage by Debuffs: 

Incinerate and Plasma Passive can deal a great amount of damage as they can have an unlimited amount of time on the opponent. All you need to do is hit once before that timer expires that usually last 6 seconds in case of Plasma and 5 seconds in case of Incinerate.

The energy damage doesn’t refresh itself. So you got to decide what you want. If you quickly need to control power, then go for L1. For example, You are doing Act 6.1 chapter that has No Retreat Global Node, then you must keep using L1 and keep hitting. The opponent will die before it gets L3 (in case you got a 5-star R5 IMIW).

The trick to Double the Plasma Debuff Damage:

Use an incomplete Heavy Attack right before L3. So you start heavy, use L3 right after he makes the frist contact. The heavy hit is the combination of 3 contacts/attacks. You must press Power bar to use L3 right after he makes first contact. Here is a video that explains.

Heal Block and Armor Break (Best for Killmonger, Green goblin, and Sabretooth type champ):

Heavy attack = Armor Break and Heal Block (Make sure Heal Block works only when the opponent is regenerating). If you are fighting Sabretooth, start the fight with Heavy and it will block healing from the start.

Special 1 = Heal Block (if Opponent is Regenerating) + Shock Damage

Special 2 = Armor Break + Incinerate

Special 3 = Armor Break + Plasma Passive

Act 6.1 Boss Take Down

Cold Snap and Bleed Immunity:

Cold Snap Immunity: IMIW is immune to Cold Snap when he has at least 1 armor up. He always starts the fight with 1 stack of armor, so he is 100% Cold Snap Immune at the start. So even a duped Iceman cannot cause any damage at the start. Just don’t get hit any L1 or L3, you will never get Cold Snap.

Bleed Nodes and Bleed Immunity: Iron Man Inifity War is 100% immune to bleed node (not bleed). What I mean is: IMIW will not die from bleed caused by the bleed node even if he loses Armor up during the fight. He is 100% Bleed immune when he has at least 1 armor up.

Block Proficiency (Can Perform Perfect block taking 0 damage):

I won’t say he has the best Block Proficiency, but there is none but him after Captain America. Each hit (give or take) has up to 24% chance to get armor up increasing armor rating by 2255 for 8. Remember that he can stack multiple armors that makes him very strong.

Reduced Evade Ability: 

The first Medium hit, the first Heavy hit, and the second and fourth Light attacks don’t cause physical touch and these attacks cannot be evaded. So if you are dashing to attack an enemy, you are 100% gonna use first as medium and then use second light attack and there will be no evasion.

Enemies are 35% less likely to evade Basic Attacks if you add one of these champs in the team:

  • Black Widow
  • Punisher 2099
  • Spiderman Stark Enhanced

Autoblock and Parry:

If IMIW has 4 stacks of armor, he will autoblock next attack that triggers parry consuming 1 armor up. Below 15% health, even single armor triggers autoblock and doesn’t consume armor up.

IMIW becomes a monster After reaching 15% of health (If Awaken)

Must be Duped/Awaken.

  • IMIW can get up to 8 stacks of armor after he reaches 15% or lower health. It depends on the around of signature he has.
  • While the armor is up he gets 6.6% Power per second and has a 100% chance to Auto-Block attacks without consuming Armor. It causes Parry. Even 1 armor will autoblock below 15% health. So you can get super aggressive.

Let’s watch a video How Iron Man Infinity War with 10% health beat the Ice-Man miniboss in Alliance War (Tier 5):

Best Attacker for AW Psychic Thorn Path

You can do psychic thorn path in AW without taking damages and even if you get some hits, you can regenerate those damage back as many of his attacks don’t make physic contact. You can read more about it in the Psychic Thorn section.

A Painful defender when placed on the correct node (AWD)

He can even be used as a defender and most of the people have a problem-fighting him. His L1 is always unblockable.