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The new Alliance War Map has brought many new Nodes and Psychic Thorns 3 is one of them. It is one of the annoying nodes that only a few champions can deal with. If you use any regular champ, you might end up losing almost all the health.

What’s challenging about Psychic Thorns Node?

If you hit the defender with a physical attack, each hit will cost you 30% (depends on War tier) of the defender’s attack as direct damage. If the attacker’s hit doesn’t make any physical contact, the attacker’s heal 50% of the damage dealt.

Note: The % of the damage or heal may be different depending on the AW Tier. The damage of heal mentioned above is based on Psychic Thorn 3. There is also Psychic Thorns 2 and 1 that gives less thorn damage and heal more.

What champions or attacker to use on Psychic Thorns Node?

Use a champ that deals damage without Physical contact. Here are a few I know. You may suggest more if you know about more champs that can help.

Iron Man Infinity War

If you are using Iron Man Infinity War (IMIW), you don’t even need to care about Physical Thorns. Just do a normal fight —> Start with a Medium hit and then 4 light hits. Complete the 5 hits combo as you usually do. IMIW’s First Medium hit, 2nd and 4th Light hits don’t make physical contact. So in 5 hits combo, you are making only 2 physical contacts. That means you are healing more than the damage you are receiving. On top of that Spam Special 1 attack that will even heal the bigger portion as throw 2 projectiles without making any physical contact and the last one does a great amount of damage.


Medium Attacks, Heavy Attacks, and Light combo ending attacks do not make Contact.  So if you keep doing Medium Attacks, you would never lose health, but the fight may take quite long.

Do 4 hits combo —> Start with medium — light — light — medium.

The light attack will give you thorn damage, but the medium attack will make you heal. Spam Special 1 as most of them do not make physical contact.

Here is a video (The guy in the video is using only medium attacks)



Quake can finish the fight without touching the opponent, so she takes no thorn damage. So you can use her if you are good with Quake.

Domino With our Even Without Hulk and Masacre Synergy

If there is Hulk and Masacre Synergy, you can just parry and heavy all day. If you are not using the Synergy team try to use Medium attacks. Parrying gives you a chance to gain 10%. So parrying a few times will help to get power quickly. Her special attacks don’t make physical (Only the first hit does) contact and do a great amount of damage. So Domino will regenerate lots of health.

Hyperion (Duped)

Not the best option, but if you haven’t got any of the champions mentioned above. Hyperion can do the trick. Avoid using light, medium, or heavy hits. Try spamming Special 1 attack. He must be duped and has a good amount of signatures to get Special 1 quickly. Parry opponent whenever possible, else you are gonna be pushed to the corner.


Iceman’s Special 1 and Special 2 does a great amount of damage and it doesn’t make physical contact, so he is one of the best choices for Psychic thorn path. If you struggle a little, use a power boost to get him power faster and you should be just fine even on psychic thorn 3 paths.

Omega Red

Omega Red does take Thorn Damage while fighting defenders on Psychic Thorns node as I have seen in a video, but he is not supposed to get those thorn damage while using tentacles. However, If you keep parrying the opponent and stay close, the defender will get lots of Death Spores and will start degenerating when it exceeds 10 Death Spores. So the defender will eventually die of degeneration.

Please help us complete the list of attackers that can handle Psychic Thorns Path. Mention the attacker names in the comment if you know more counters.