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Parrying Rogue and trying Heavy Attack is a bad idea whether the opponent is using Limber or not. Rogue gets rid of all debuffs 65% faster. So you are most likely to get hit until you hit her with heavy. So how can you get rid of those Aegis or Heavy charges in Alliance War on Node 2?

There are 2 easy and safe way

Method 1:  Intercept heavy with heavy

  • Dash bach and get to the corner wall. While dashing back, please watch Rogue and don’t get caught. Don’t rush to dash back, play safe.
  • Block her light hits and when she uses heavy, use dexterity to evade and hit her with your heavy. Explained in the video below.

Method 2: Intercept Special with heavy

Not recommended if you have been cornered. Better to push Rogue to the corner before baiting Special, this give you enough space.

  • Push Rogue to Special 1 and intercept her special with your special.
  • Special 1: Most of the champions need to take 2 steps back while she is using Special 1 and then you can use heavy attack while she is recovering from Special 1. Please duel her to understand how many steps you need to take back to intercept her Special 1 with heavy.
  • Special 2: You can intercept her Special 2 with heavy just like Special 1. Special 2 requires you to take 3 steps back in most of the cases (Please duel her to confirm depending on the champ you are using).