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The easiest way to fight a champion is to parry and attack. Parry cause the opponent to stun and you get the chance to hit. If you still don’t know how to parry, you should read this content and watch a short video that provides guidance on how to parry in MCOC.

Why Should I Learn to Intercept When Using Parry (Well-Timed-Block) is the easiest way to fight?

Well, when you are facing a Stun Immune champion, you cannot use Parry, or just think of War when stun duration is decreased after each parry on Limber node and then Parry doesn’t work after parrying the opponent a few times, there is another situation when you fight a champion that usually shrug off debuffs including parry. In such cases, you will have to intercept to kill the opponent.

How to Intercept in Marvel Contest of Champions?

Dork is known to make great MCOC Tutorial and here is the best video that explains the type of interception, how to intercept, and what are the exceptions.