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Parry (also known as well timed block) is a feature that needs to be activated from the Mastery setup and then it can be used.

How to Enable Parry Feature From Mastery

  • Launch the Marvel Contest of Champions app and tap on your summoner name
  • Then tap on the Mastery option
  • Now select the Utility tab
  • Now enable Parry as highlighted in the image below (please note that you must have at least 1 point for Limber (option on the left to parry)


  • The more points you have in parry, the longer stun duration will be

What is Parry or Well Timed Block

Parry is a feature to stun your target. When parry is enabled under mastery, you can stun your target by blocking the hit. However, Opponent will not stun just by simply blocking, but it’s all about timing. You must block the opponent just a few milliseconds before it hits you. So you need to block when the attack starts by the target (not when it dashes towards you). Still confused? Let’s watch a video to see parry in action.

How to use Parry or Well Timed Block feature

Note: Parry doesn’t work for stun immune champs. Basically, there isn’t any champ that is stun-immune, but certain nodes under Story Quests, Events, Alliance Wars and Alliance Quests make the target Stun Immune.

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