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Emma Frost has become one of the most annoying champs that people are having trouble with. So what could be the easiest way to kill her? What are the best champs to use against her? Let’s know in detail.

What are the challenges to beat Emma Frost

  1. Inverted Control: When Emma Frost Activates Special 1 or Special 2 attack, the controls are reversed. So if you try dashing backward, it will go forward and while dashing forward, it will go backward. Please note that the reverse control is enabled right her Special Attack activation. So if you want to dodge back or evade, you must move forward.
  2. Diamond Buff: Emma Frost starts the fight with a diamond buff. She cannot be stunned as long as the diamond is active. So if you are using a 4-star R5 champ for the uncollected event, that champion is gonna die if she manages to finish two combos while you are blocking.

What are the top champions to kill Emma Frost

1. Corvus Glaive (Disables Emma Front Stun Immunity/Diamond)

Corvus Glaive is a God Tier Champ, but what makes him the top first champ? At the start of the fight, Emma is stun-immune because of diamond buff that could make it difficult for many players if they rely on parry and attack. One miss and you are dead. However, Corvus Glaive’s Well-Timed Block feature reduces the opponent’s armor rating and trigger parry (Note: This well-timed block is different from the one you already have in mastery). So Corvus Glaive is the only champion that can make Emma Frost Stun even at the start or when she has a diamond. So she never gets stun-immune. Corvus Glaive also gets indestructible at the end that gives him another advantage.

2. Mind Control Immunity Champs (Magneto (both), Juggernaut, Unstoppable Colossus) 

Immune to ReverseIf you are ready for a long fight, then use any Mind Control Immunity Champion, like Magneto (red/white), Juggy, or Unstoppable Colossus. These champions will have no effect of invert control. So you can evade the way you always evaded a special attack. However, make sure that you rank them high and be good at intercept, else you are gonna die if you keep blocking all attacks.

3. Iron Man Infinity War (IMIW) – Awesome Block Proficiency

Iron-man Infinity War gets class advantage as Emma Frost in a Mutant Champ, so the attack of IMIW will increase. His block proficient is also awesome and that makes him take less damage. When he is below 15% health, he gets even strong (depending on signatures). So he could be useful for those who is not good at intercepting normal attacks but can evade the special attack. So you can block intercept when she use the heavy attack and special attack.

4. Use any champ and learn from our pro tips given below

Some Pro tips to defeat Emma Frost Effectively

  • If you are not using Corvus Glaive and not very good at intercepting normal attacks. Just block her attack at the start and wait for her to use heavy attack. This is the time when you should attack. Complete the 5 combo and dash back. If Emma Frost doesn’t get Special 1 Bar fill, try hitting her block with 4 hit combo and she would certainly have Special 1 ready. Now bait Special 1.
  • Baiting Special attacks: If you are not using Mind Control Immune champ, you need to dodge forward to evade special attacks. Always bait special 1 and don’t let her get L2. She throws 2 projectile for Special 1, so you must dodge forward twice when she uses the attack. However, if you are getting confused about evading both, it’s better to block the first projectile and evade the next one. As you should already be ready to dodge forward.

Watch this video. This guy isn’t very good at intercepting (or he might started fighting early like Seatin without practice, just saying). However, he killed without item usage. He blocked first projectile and evaded second of special 1 and also got 5 hit combo right after L1.

  • Getting 5-hit combo right After L1: As soon as you evade the second projectile of L1, you must dash backward and get 5 hit combo. Don’t miss it. Watch the video above to learn.
  • Don’t rush to kill her in first go.  I wasted a few energy refills to learn to evade her L1. So I would suggest you to complete Heroic and Mastery event first to learn how you can fight Emma Frost and I am sure you will be ready to evade her Special Attack until then. Using so many units isn’t wise.