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Kabam has just released Carina Challenge Volume 2. Few things you should know before rushing to complete:

  • It’s a Permanent objective.
  • You can only bring specific champs in team as written in the objectives. It doesn’t matter whether they fight or not, but additional champion will make you disqualified.

Here is an infographic to give you an overview of Carina Challenge Vol 2

Carina Challenge Vol 2
Image: Cat Murdock

Hunk of Junk: Completing ROL Challange With Robots Only: Who to use?

3-star Guillotine 2099 is your MVP:

Ramp up your Guillotine 2099 in the first fight and make sure you finish all fights with Special 3. Use Special 3 when the opponent has 5% or lower health to make sure Special 3 kills them.

Which Robot to use against Wolverine?

Guillotine 2099: The trick here is to spam Special 2. Sometimes you can hold Special 2 a little if he is not regenerating and fire when you are about to reach Special 3. This will decrease the time between 2 special 2 you fires. Here is a video:

Warlock: This robot comes with a guarantee that you can completely stop regeneration, but it’s going to be a long fight, really long I mean.

King of the Combo: Completing ROL Challange With Robots Only. Can 3-Star Aegon handle Wolverine Regeneation?

Using 3 Star Aegon is just fine for all the fights and it’s straightforward. You can ramp your combo in the first fight without a boost, then the rest of the fights are not really bad.

But, using 3-star Aegon against Wolverine is pretty annoying. He does have Ability Accuracy on critics, but that’s not enough to deal all those regeneration. There are so many videos telling you how to easily finish, but it’s not as easy as it sounds, lol!

Remember that this fight isn’t just about hitting, but also how AI works in your favor or against your favor. Sometimes you can easily solo and sometimes it will feel impossible. These precautions can be taken:

Important: If you don’t reach Wolverine with a 999 combo, you can just hit his block and kill him. If he doesn’t get hit or don’t get to hit you, he will never regenerate. If not, follow the below tips.

  • Max your Despair and Stupefy Mastery (Under Offensive)
  • Max Petrify Mastery (Under Proficiency)
  • Max Suicide if you can and/or use boost
  • Parry and use 3-hits combo
  • Spam Special 2 (L3 if using suicide)
  • Always bait Special 1. The more power he has, the higher regeneration amount will be.
  • Quit the fight if regeneration is too much to handle, but don’t just quit without damaging. For example, he had 50% health at the start and you damaged few, but he regened back to 70%, then you should not quit, rather force quit the app (Pause the game, and close the app from app manage window). Force quit will make sure that he starts the fight again with 50% health and you will lose just 50% of your current health. Healing 3-star champion to max is no big deal.

Here are 2 Demo Fights:

Teams a Plenty: (Complete ROL with Only champions tagged as #Illuminati or #A-Force)

The only fight “Wolverine” needs a Special Attacker: Magneto or Mister Fantastic. Rest of the fight can be done with any champions. Magneto also makes Vision and Winter Soldier Fights quick.

Best Team to use

  • Magneto: against Winter Soldier, Vision and Wolverine (if not using Mister Fantastic)
  • She Hulk: Against Juggernaut, Scarlet Witch, and any other you want
  • Namor: Against Black Panther and any other you want
  • Mister Fantastic: Wolverine Fight Only (Use all Prefights, Heavy Refreshed Petrify, and L2 will apply another) – Magneto can also do this fight and stop all regeneration.
  • Black Panther (if using Deep Wounds) or Scarlet Witch: Black Panther can do Hulk and any other fights you like. Scarlet Witch gets class advantage agisnt Captain Marvel and Black Bolt.

Sick Beast of a Player: Complete Act 6.3.3 with Doctor Octopus Only

You can use 5-star as well as 6-star Doctor Octopus or just one of them.

What Path Should You Take?: The easiest path to take is the far right one: Combo Party / Counter Tactics path.

Why Combo Party Path?: Doctor Octopus hits hard enough with all those cruelty buffs and finishes fights quicker.

Things to avoid: Try not to block many hits because the Combo Part node also increase Defenders’ base attack as your combo increases. However, it’s easy to avoid (even special attacks) as most of the specials can be evaded (using dexterity). Hit blocks when needed, bate Special 1 (or Special 2 in some cases if it’s easier to evade, e.g. Bishop).

You will face: Groot, Venom, Thor, Namor, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Storm, Rhino, Electro, Bishop, and the Boss Havok.

Annoying Fights and Revives You need:

Venom: Some people fight him without trouble, but some have issues because of his moves and he sometimes hold specials. That’s all about it. You can solo him with some precautions.

Rhino: Forget that you can intercept. Hit blocks, push him to Special 1, and get your combo. Hit block and do a few parries and get your combo. Don’t try to parry while he is dashing, he may go unblockable and get you.

Electro: I used 6-star R2 Doctor Octopus and Had to revive twice. Didn’t have Boost on.

Bishop: Ate an Unblockable Special 1, partially evaded Special 2, and still managed to solo.

Havok Boss: Easy solo (if Doctor Octopus is duped) or may need a couple of revives. Dupe ability doesn’t just lock power, but it also drains as you hit. So it’s easy to mix power drain and armor and solo.

New Heroes and Foes: Complete 6.3.1 with Only 5-star Champions tagged as #Villain of Contest and #New Avengers

Recommended Path and Attackers:

Must to have champion for the Boss: Squirrel Girl

You need Squirrel Girl to fight Boss Medusa as she is the only champion that doesn’t have buff in basic ability and she can cause bleed. It’s better if you even turn off the Dexterity Mastery. This will stop the Buffet node completely.

Path to TakeDepends on the Champions you have: Duped King Groot is MVP for Biohazard Path, even 5-star R4 does it easily. Ultron also works, but King Groot can help you finish the path without any Item usage. If you don’t have King Groot and Ultron, then take the Oscillate / Bleed Immunity Path.

Doing Biohazard Path:

Team: King Groot, Ultron, Squirrel Girl, Hyperion, and Anyone you Like.

Hyperion can be quite Helpful to finish Black-Bolt Mini-Boss (right before the boss fight)

Use King Groot for all defenders: Just don’t hit blocks, you can parry and intercept. Hitting Block can get you poison debuff. While you have fury on, you can shrug off those poison at the cost of a fury. You can spam Special 1 or Special 3. Using Suicide is safe with King Groot as he regenerates a lot of health.

Revolution: Complete Act 6.4.6 Path with 5 and/or 6 Stars Thor Ragnarok, Hulk Ragnarok, and Korg

What Path should you take that also makes Boss litter easier?

The best thing to do is activate the Inflation node which can be done by removing this node. So you have to take the Masochism Path. You can read Grandmaster’s all Abilities and Node Details here. The reason I am asking to remove is that it will give you +50% attack rating while Grandmaster is Wounded. Masochism path is also easier to finish. You can check the full Act 6.4.6 Map.

Defenders you will face: Psylocke, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Nebula, Green Goblin, Punisher 2099, Scarlet Witch, Dormammu, Warlock, Sentinel, and the Grandmaster Boss.

MVP: Hulk Ragnarok can do pretty much all the fight. So if you have him ranked, you don’t need any other champions. A Ranked Thor can also be useful.

Mutant Domination: Compete Abyss Run With Only Mutant Champions in Your Team

Team to Use (and Path to Take) that will require only revives and no potions:

The Team: Apocalypse, Stryfe, Magneto, Colossus, and Professor X.


  • Must Turn on the Suicide (At least after Professor X has 2 charges) (His charges give poison resistance to all mutants. So you will start healing instead of taking damage).
  • Must have Willpower Master on (Better keep at max, else your champions will heal less amount of health)

Paths and Fights:

Note: Never force quit the fight or you will lose Horseman Ability.

  • Darkhawk – Magneto— Stop at 1 or 2% and quit the fight, Use Professor X to finish and gain a charge.
  • Luke Cage – Stryfe — Stop at 1 or 2% and quit the fight, Use Professor X to finish and gain a charge.
    A little Trick to Counter Luke Cage: Spam Heavy, gains 2 or more charges. When he is unstoppable, fire special (even special 3 with 2 more charges) or hit his block. It will remove unstoppable and stun him for 2 seconds. He will then be unblockable only. Unstoppable Timer will trigger after you intercept and it will then remove unblockable. You better try hitting his block and gain 2 bar of power, then intercept and spam heavy to gain charge and make sure you have more than 2 when you reach 3 bar of power. Then Fire Special 3 again when he goes unstoppable. Keep repeating this.
  • Old-Man Logan— Enter Fight 2 Times with Apocalypse and Quit it. Use Prefight and Enter with Stryfe to make him Horseman. Quit the fight again and Finish the Fight with Magneto.
  • Havok (Apocalypse)— Just a fight where you need to heal Apocalypse to max (better than using Colossus). Use Special 1, Keep Refreshing poison, Use Special 2, Keep Refreshing with Heavy again, and use Special 3 to make the debuffs permanent.
  • Dormammu (Stryfe)— Take off Dexterity Mastery and an R3 Stryfe can easily solo with Stryfe. But, Get the final charge of Professor X by finishing the last 1 or 2% with professor X. This will increase healing and also gives bonus special damage to your mutant champions.
  • Joe Fixit (Stryfe)— Might take a few revives because of his regeneration now and then.
  • Mordo (Stryfe)— You can parry and fight normally. His Medium attack cannot be evaded.
  • Venom the Duck (Apocalypse)— (Max out Despair Mastery- Gotta stop his healing). Spam Heavy only, use Special 1, then special 2, and then Special 3 to make all debuffs permanent. But, make sure you only Spam heavy to avoid his regeneration. Even if he heals, it will be very less amount of health.
  • Howard the Duck (Magneto)— Hold your Special 3 to fire when he has 61% health. Repeat the same at 31% health. With Max Despair Mastery, his healing will be reversed.
  • Hyperion (Stryfe)— This fight can get annoying. You must have at least 2 charges to stop his unstoppable by hitting. It will consume 2 charges and got to repeat the same.
  • The Champion (Stryfe)— This guy is ridiculous. He can get 2 unstoppable buffs together that even Stryfe fails to stop many times. So just rely on parry and 2 hit combo and use Special 2 for heavy damage. You can fire Special 2 even when he is unstoppable. He doesn’t interrupt specials.
  • Cyclops (Stryfe)
  • Loki (Stryfe)
  • Aegon (Stryfe)
  • Invisible Woman (Apocalypse)— Spam Heavy, use Special 1, then special 2, and then Special 3 to make all debuffs permanent. When all Debuffs are permanent, you can skip Spam Heavy tip.
  • Cull Obsidian (Stryfe)— 5 Million+ health, but you can solo with an R3 Stryfe if you just spam heavy and special 2.
  • The Boss (Stryfe) – Time to use some boosts.

Come Out to Play: Defeat Green Goblin with Only Champions Tagged as #Spider Verse Heroes, #Symbiote and/or #Sinister Six

You can take a path depending on what champions you have.

Option 1: Going Path 3

Best Team: Knull, Anti-Venom, Spider-Man Miles Morales, Symbiote Supreme, and Spider-Man 2099 (You cannot do this path if you don’t have Symbiote Supreme. Also, you must have either Anti-Venom or Knull).

  • Darkhawk: Knull or Anti-venom
  • Luke Cage: Spider-Man Miles Morales
  • Old-Man Logan: Knull or Anti-Venom
  • Havok: Knull or anyone you prefer. You need Willpower Mastery to Regenerate.
  • Dormammu: Spider-Man 2099. Anti Venom or Other Champions also work(take off dexterity to avoid degen). Spider-Man Miles can also cheese this fight
  • Joe Fixit: Use Miles to Cheese the fight, but will take longer. Or use Knull if you don’t like longer fights
  • Mordo: Knull
  • Venom the Duck: Symbiote Supreme
  • Howard the Duck: Knull
  • Hyperion: Symbiote Supreme
  • The Champion: Symbiote Supreme
  • Green Goblin: Knull

Option 2: Going Easy Path

Team you need: Mysterio, Spider-Gwen, Peni-Parker (Must Have for Synergy), Spider-Man Miles Morales, Symbiote Supreme.

Using Mysterio Effectively: Medium + Medium Combo until you built 3 gasses. Then just Heavy Spam. You Only Need to use Special 3, and then again follow medium + Medium combo, and then heavy. Watch the Video Below.

  • Thing: Miles to Cheese or Mysterio
  • Omega Red: Mixed of All Champion. None of them are super effective.
  • Quake: Mysterio
  • Mephisto: Spider-Gwen (Boost Up and Fight Slowly)
  • Medusa: Symbiote Supreme
  • Captain Marvel: Symbiote Supreme
  • Ghost: Miles Cheese woks or use Medphisto
  • Iron man Inifinity War: Use Mephisto until 15% (Rather stop at 17% or 18%) Mind the power gain (Tech charges). Then strat with Symbiote Supreme. Fight Slowly and Break Armor with Special 2. Then you can keep nullifying his Armor and Stop Power Gain.
  • Joe Fixit: Use Miles to Cheese the fight. It takes long, but pretty much doable. Spam L3 to get rid of his buffs.
  • Mordo: Spider-Gwen. Mordo will trigger evade in second phase when you parry. However, he cannot evade normally as long as slow is applied.
  • Venom the Duck: Symbiote Supreme
  • Howard the Duck: Use Miles Cheese or Mysterio. Both works.
  • Hyperion: Symbiote Supreme
  • The Champion: Symbiote Supreme
  • Green Goblin: Mystrio

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