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Update: Kabam has now increased the date from March 1 to March 8. All my ally now has a Blade. LOL!

Best of Luck Guys!……

Blade is probably the most wanted champion that we all want to own. So if you haven’t got this Vampire Hunter (Blade), this could be your chance to get Blade. Let’s come to the point now.

Featured Blade Crystal (from February 22 to March 8)

Yes, you got this right. Kabam is celebrating the first anniversary of Blade. Blade entered the contest a year ago and now he is coming with the increased chance to acquire. He will be available as featured Hero starting from February 22 (10 AM PST) to March 8 (10 AM PST). This crystal will be known as DHAMPIR Crystal and it will have a 20% chance to drop a 5-star Blade.

blade update

Quick View:

  • 20% Chance to drop a 5-star Blade.

  • Cost: 15,000 five-star shards

  • When to Open:  Between Feb 28 to Mar 8 (starts and ends at 10 AM PST)

  • If not Blade: You will still get a 5-star Hero, but we don’t have info what other heroes will be included.