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Black Widow (Claire Voyant) in the final boss of the Monthly Event Quest “Amazing Fantasy.” If you have already finished that quest, congratulation. We are going to share some useful info that may help your kill Black Widow (Claire Voyant) without the use of any item.

What are the problems?

  • Every time she uses a Special Attack, she would apply 3 bleed stacks on you even when you are blocking. Even dexterity cannot avoid this.
  • She would place 3 stacks of bleed while charging heavy attack.
  • Poison Debuff (Not a problem if you don’t get hit)
  • Aggressive
  • Power Gain
  • Stun Immunity

The Solution

  • Use a Champ that is bleed immune, there are so many. Check the Champions Immunity list.
  • Don’t get hit or block many attacks as you may die from block damage itself.
  • Use a champ that shrugs off debuff. Ægon may work great if can do some fights before fighting Black Widow. He shrugs off all debuffs when he has 100 hits combo.
  • Use any champ that hits harder, like Domino, Cull, Corvus, Omega Red or anything.

Get Advantage of her Power Gain: She gains power, so you can keep baiting L1 and L2 and keep hitting. There is no need to take Block Damage when she can get the power bar with just a few pf block hits or even without block hits.

Watch in action video made by Jason Voorhees: