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Champions Immunity List: January 2019

Knowing the champions immunity is very important if you want to use them against a champ that causes certain debuffs, like Poison, Bleed, Shock, etc. and even there are some nodes that cause the bleed or poison health drain. So we are here with a complete list of Champions immunity.

Is my Champion Immune to Bleed, Poison, Incinerate, Shock, Mind Control, or Iceman’s Cold Snap

If you want to know whether your champion is immune to certain debuffs or not, you should check the list below to find out.

Bleed + Poison Immune (Double Immune Champions) (100% Immunity)

Ultron (Both)SentinelVision (Both)
Iceman Nebula Dormammu

Bleed Immune Champions (100% Immunity)

King GrootUnstoppable Colossus Colossus
Luke Cage Ghost Rider

Poison Immune Champions (100% Immunity)

HyperionMephistoCaptain Marvel
Ms. MarvelKamala KhanHulk
Hulk RagnarokOmega RedShe-Hulk
RonanBlack BoltMedusa
AbominationJoe Fixit

Incinerate Immune Champions

VoidIcemanVulture (Duped)
MephistoNight Thrasher

Cold Snap Immune Champion


Shock Immune Champion


Mind-Control Immune Champions

Note: The mind Control Immunity help stop Emma Frost’s Invert Control when she uses special attacks.

JuggernautUnstoppable ColossusMagneto
Magneto (Marvel Now)

Conditional Immunity

    Iron Man Infinity War
Immune to Bleed and Cold Snap When he has at least 1 Armor
    Corvus Glaive
 Immune to bleed, Cold Snap, and Shock when immunity is active (except Mind-Control)
     Emma Frost
Immune to almost everything when Diamond Form is active (except Mind-Control)
85% chance to prevent debuffs from triggering against all Villians character. Keep his Power Meter Full to make him shrug off debuff from all characters including heroes 
     Red Hulk
Shrug off Incinerate and poison debuffs and convert into heat rage
     Taskmaster (kind of useless as an attacker)
Each successive debuff reduces potency by 10%, until 10 when he becomes fully immune.

List of Champions that have % chance to Shrug Off Debuffs of Reduce the Duration of Debuffs

Kingpin (50% Chance to Shrug off)Rogue (65% Reduced Duration)Groot (53% Reduced Duration)
King Groot (shrug off after 0.5 sec at the cost of 1 fury buff)Agent Venom (70% Chance to Shrug Off)Karnak (50% Reduced Duration for non-damaging debuffs, 65% reduced poison damage)
Crossbones (25% Chance to Shrug Off)Bishop can shrug off 1bleed at the cost of 1 prowess chargeWasp (8% to shrug off debuffs (except bleed), and evade)
Old Man Logan (85% reduced bleed duration) Beast (65% reduced bleed duration and damage) Omega Red (90% reduced bleed damage)
Cable (each successive poison duration reduced by 20%, until becomes fully immune)

Is there any Champion that is immune to Void’s Intimidating Presence Debuffs and Magik’s Limbo

The short answer is “no.” But, you can avoid it with some champs. Let’s know how…

Conditional Immunity


Blade with Synergy
If you have Spider-Man (Stark-Enhanced) + Ghost Rider in your team, there is 85% chance that Blade will prevent passive debuffs (e.g. Void’s Intimidation debuffs and Magik’s Limbo)
Blade (without Synergy)up to 95% reduced duration of debuffs depending on the power meter.
Void is not likely to apply any Intimidating Presence Debuffs and Magik won’t trigger Limbo after Archangel put Neuro debuff on them.
     All Champion with Shrug off  or Reduced Potency Feature (Not Applicable for Magik’s Limbo)
All the champions that can shrug off debuffs are good against Void. Check the Shrug Off List Above
You got to apply Concussion Debuff on Void to prevent intimidating debuff and So will it prevent Magik’s Limbo. It may not be possible when Void/Magik is placed on Stun Immune Node



  1. Please correct the list Sabretooth is also immune to coldsnap and Emma Frost is also immune to shock if it is in Diamond form. Also if you want to add then Black Panther Civil war and Emma Frost are immune to stun. Also Red Hulk is immune to incineration.

  2. Author

    Updated! Thanks for taking time to provide feedback. You guys help a lot to update list with accurate detail. It means a lot to me.

  3. This is just a technicality, but a lot of the champions you listed in the “Shrug Off” category, technically don’t really shrug off debuffs. Most of them just reduce duration and/or potency. For example, Groot, Rogue, and Karnak don’t shrug off. They just reduce the DURATION of all debuffs by 53%, 65%, and 50%, respectively. It’s a reduction, not a % chance. It’s guaranteed they will do this, 100% of the time, no chance involved. It just seems like they’re shrugging it off since it often goes by so fast, depending on the debuff. But they’re 2 different things.

    There are also a few others in this category that you missed:

    -Old Man Logan – reduces bleed duration by 85%,
    -Beast – reduces bleed duration AND damage 65%,
    -Cable – each successive poison duration reduced by 20%, until becomes fully immune
    -Omega Red – reduces bleed damage 90%,
    -Karnak (duped) – reduces all non-damaging debuffs duration by 50%, reduces poison damage 65%,
    -Blade – reduces duration of all debuffs by 95% depending on power meter (against everyone, not just dimensional beings/villains/mystic),
    -Taskmaster – each successive debuff reduces potency by 10%, until 10 when he becomes fully immune.
    -Gambit (kinda)* – has bleed resistance, reducing only damage by 22% until flak armor breaks

    ^None of these champs shrug off debuffs at all.

    There are only a handful of champs in the whole game, that do shrug off debuffs. You already included CB, Agent Venom, Kingpin, and King Groot, but you can also add:

    -Bishop – can “shrug off” or purify 1 bleed by consuming 1 prowess charge,
    -Wasp – 8% chance to shrug off any damage over time debuff except bleed (and then evade).

    ^These 6 are the only champs that I know of, currently.

    Here, this an old pic but it kinda shows what I’m talking about, and can be helpful as a visual aid. It isn’t up to date however, so it doesn’t include some the newer champs:

    Lastly, in the “Conditional Immunity” category, I feel there should also be a slight clarification on a few champs. Firstly, Corvus Glaive. He is NOT immune to “almost everything” when Glaive’s Immunity is active. He is only immune to bleed, coldsnap, and shock. That’s only 3 things. He’s not immune to poison, incinerate, frostbite, etc.

    This is also a minor detail, but he’s technically not immune to the actual debuff itself, but only to the damage it does. He is still “inflicted” by them and they show up below your health bar, even if he’s not taking any damage from it. This may not be super important, but might be something worth keeping in mind. Other champions abilities that rely on debuffs still count them as debuffs, such as when facing Void, Wasp, Taskmaster, Luke Cage, Ultron, Nebula, Blade, Carnage, Gwenpool, Killmongerer, Elektra, Punisher, etc.

    Secondly, Blade. He is NOT immune to “almost everything” against all villains either, even with Stark Spidey + Ghost Rider synergy. Nor does he have “FULL immunity” against Void’s Intimidating Presence/Magik’s Limbo either. The most resistance he can have is 85% reduced CHANCE of them triggering, against all villains. But this is an Ability Accuracy Reduction, not immunity. There is still a 15% chance they will trigger. This is like saying a maxed sig duped Black Widow is fully immune to duped Abomination’s poison. No, not true.

    It just seems like it’s almost full immunity since with that low of a chance, and his through-the-roof crazy bonus attack (from his danger sense), the fight is over really quick, and they die before they can even capitalize on that 15% chance. But there’s still a chance it could trigger. It isn’t 0%, or 100% Ability Accuracy Reduction. You wrote the correct thing for Archangel by saying “not likely to..”, same applies to Blade. If you’re gonna put Blade here, you might as well also put Crossbones here too then (but only when he has 5+ fury’s).

    But other than those, great list. It can come in real handy. I’m sure you just wanted to keep it short and concise since you’re putting this all into a simple table format, and couldn’t fit in all that other details. But maybe a few asterisks wouldn’t hurt.


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