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It’s very important that you are aware of the champions’ immunity if you want to use them against a champ that causes certain debuffs, like Poison, Bleed, Shock, etc., and even there are some nodes that cause the bleed or poison health drain. So we are here with a complete list of Champions immunity.

Is my Champion Immune to Bleed, Poison, Incinerate, Shock, Mind Control, Cold Snap, Frost Bite, etc…

If you want to know whether your champion is immune to certain debuffs or not, you should check the list below to find out.

Champions with 100% Immunity to Debuffs from the start of the fight

Champions Immunity
Abomination Poison
Abomination (Immortal) Poison
Annihilus  Coldsnap + Frostbite + Incinerate
(When Cosmic Control Rod is Active)
Black Bolt Poison
Black Widow (Claire Voyant) Bleed + Poison + Incinerate
(switchable every fight hit combos when the 5th hit finishes with light attack)
Captain Marvel Poison
Captain Marvel (Classic) Poison
Civil Warrior Stagger
Colossus Bleed + Coldsnap + Frostbite + Incinerate+
Armor Break (If not fighting Tech Champ)
Cosmic Ghost Rider Bleed + Incinerate
Darkhawk Bleed + Poison
Doctor Doom Armor Break/Shatter + Shock
Dormammu Bleed + Poison
Dragon Man Bleed+Poison+Armor Shatter
Warlock Bleed + Poison + Coldsnap + Frostbite
Electro Shock
Man-Thing Bleed + Armor Break
Gambit Bleed
Ghost Rider Bleed + Incinerate
Groot Bleed
Guillotine 2099 Bleed + Poison
Havok Incinerate
Howard the Duck Bleed
Hulk Poison
Reverse Control Immune (The Overseer Synergy)
Hulk (Immortal) Poison
Hulk Ragnarok Poison
Reverse Control Immune (The Overseer Synergy)
Human Torch Incinerate + Cold Snap + Frostbite
Hyperion Poison
Iceman Bleed + Poison + Incinerate
Joe Fixit Poison
Reverse Control Immune (The Overseer Synergy)
Juggernaut Mind Control
Kamala Khan Poison
King Groot Bleed
Power Burn
Power Drain
Korg Bleed + Shock
Luke Cage Bleed
Magneto Mind Control
(House of X)
Mind Control
Mangog Armor Break
Medusa Poison
Mephisto Poison + Coldsnap + Frostbite + Incinerate
(100% incinerate resistant)
Mister Negative Nullify, Stagger and Fate Seal
Mister Sinister Mind Control + Taunt
Mole Man Shock
Morningstar Bleed
Ms. Marvel Poison
Mysterio Poison
Nebula Bleed + Poison
Night Thrasher Incinerate
Omega Red Poison
Penni Parker Poison
Professor X Reverse Control Immunity
Purgatory Incinerate Immune
Red Goblin Incinerate + Power Burn Immunity
Red Hulk Poison + Incinerate
(100% Chance to convert into a Heat Charge)
Ronan Poison
Sabretooth Coldsnap + Frostbite
Sasquatch Frostbite + Armor Break
(Coldsnap: 90% Resistance)
Sentinel Bleed + Poison
She-Hulk Poison
Silver Surfer Coldsnap + Incinerate + Shock
Storm (Pyramid X) Shock (In Lightning Tempest Mode)
Coldsnap+Frostbite (In Ice Tempest Mode)
Stryfe Shock
Sunspot Incinerate
Super Skrull Incinerate
Terrax Shock and Bleed
Also, Immune to power drain/steal/burn/lock and enervate effects against #Metal Champs.
The Overseer Nullify + Stagger + Fate Seal
Thing Bleed + Shock + Armor Break/Shatter + Nullify + Stagger + Fate Seal
Ultron (Both Versions) Bleed + Poison
Unstoppable Colossus Bleed + Mind Control
Vision (Both Versions) Bleed + Poison
Void Incinerate
Vulture Incinerate
Shock (Need Kingpin/Yellowjacket/Masacre Synergy)
Poison(Need War Machine/Ultron/Sentry Synergy)
Warlock Bleed

Conditional Immunity and Champs that Shurg-off / Purify Debuffs

Ægon (Duped) Up to 100% immune (Depends on Combo Meter)
Agent Venom 70% Chance to Shrug off all debuffs
Develop Immunity to Bleed, Incinerate, and Disorient over 8 seconds and lasts for the rest of the quests
Stun Immune at 3+ Genetic Code while hitting
Black Panther Classic
Stun-Immune (While hitting Block)
Signature Ability- Up to 100% chance to Purify 1 Debuff While intercepting
Shrugs off debuffs up to 95% faster based on Power Meter (95% faster when 3 bar of power is active).
40% chance to prevent debuffs from triggering against all Dimensional Beings.
Add Ghost Rider in Team to Prevent Debuffs (40% Chances) from All Villain Champions.
Add Mephisto or Dormammu in the team to Prevent Debuffs (40% Chances) from All Mystic Champions.
65% reduced bleed damage
Shrug off 1bleed stack at the cost of 1 prowess charge
Each successive poison duration reduced by 20% until he becomes fully immune
Captain America IW with Skill Synergy
up to 100% chance to purify all debuffs at the cost of 1 kinetic potential (Depends on the amount of added signature)
Captain Marvel
Takes no damage from all debuffs while indestructible is enabled
Civil Warrior
Each Armor provides 25% Bleed and Poison Ability Accuracy
Corvus Glaive
 Bleed + Coldsnap + Shock(When Immunity is active)
90% Chance to Shrug off all debuffs
Elsa Bloodstone
While suffering from a Non-Damaging Debuff, Elsa has a 100% chance to Purify 1 of any Debuff every 2.60 seconds.
Emma Frost Bleed, Poison, Shock, Stun, Incinerate, Frostbite, Coldsnap, Fatigue, Concussion, and Exhaustion
Takes no damage from all debuffs while phasing
55% Reduced Duration for all Debuffs
Stun Immune While he has strength
Hit Monkey
100% chance to Purify one of each Stun and Damage over Time Debuff when
Primal Rage Passive is enabled
Hulk Ragnarok
Regenerates 70% of damage taken by passive debuffs.
Invisible Woman
Purifies all the Vulnerability debuffs when invisibility expires
Iron Man Infinity War
Bleed + Coldsnap (when Armor’s Up)
Jabari Panther
Purify Debuffs and Degeneration while hitting
Stun Immune (When The Hunt is On)
65% reduced poison damage.
Reduced duration forNon-damaging debuffs Depending on Signature
Killmonger with Void Synergy
KIllmonger has a 35% chance to purify a debuff and regenerate 4% health when Vibranium Armor is active.
50% Chance to Shrug off all debuffs
King Groot Shrug off debuffs after 0.5 sec at the cost of 1 fury buff
Korg When Rock Shield is active on Korg, he gets 65% chance to shrug off all debuffs and gain a rock shield
Luke Cage Takes no damage from all debuffs while indestructible is enabled
90% Less Damage from Bleed Effect
Shock, Incinerate, Coldsnap, and Frostbite (When Energy Protection is Active)
Mister Sinister
No Immunity but the first special attack will transfer all the debuffs to the opponent. So he is usable for Bleed, Poison, or any damaging debuff node.
Mole Man
100% chance to purify debuffs after 1-second (0.5-second when 5 or more monster mass is ready).
This chance reduces to 70% while fighting Mutant.
Cannot Purify While in Frenzy Mode
Mind Control (Reverse Control) Immunity With Emma Frost Synergy.
Ability Accuracy Immunity (Shuts down for 10 secs if armor is broken or not Knocked Out by Spider-Verse Champs).
Immune to poison (if armor is not broken)
Depending on the Signature count < Takes up to 100% less damage from debuffs while attacking >
Can shrug off 3 Shock debuffs and gain 5 shock charges each
Nick Fury
Stun-Immune while hitting Auto Block
When Duped: Stun-Immune (After Life Model Decay Destroyed)
Knock Down the Champion to Purify all non-damaging debuffs
At 10+ Tactical Charges, Nick Fury Purifies all type of debuffs after knocking down the opponent (Including Void’s Debuffs)
Night Thrasher
When Awaken: Up to 50% chance to purify debuff when you knock down the opponent (Depends on the amount to signature)
Old-Man Logan
85% reduced bleed damage
Omega Red
90% reduced bleed damage
70% Reduced Duration for all Debuffs
Well-Timed Block has a 100% chance to purify a debuff.
Stun Immune when Wrath of Tanaraq is active
Cleansing Strike (Medium, Light, Medium): Purify 3 Debuff(s)
Also, gain one Cleanse passive to purify next debuff
She-Hulk (Duped)
X% chance to purify Debuff Each Hit She lands against Science champs
Silver Centurion
Bleed and Shock (When Armored Up)
Spiderman (Stealth Suit) with Iron Man IW Synergy
Spidey Stealth cannot be shocked or incinerated while the opponent is slowed
Squirrel Girl
She can purify all non-damaging Debuffs when Tippy-Toe is attaching
Storm with Storm Pyramid X Synergy
Up to 100% resistance to Shock, Coldsnap, and Incinerate Immunity based on stored power
Each successive debuff reduces potency by 10%, until 10 when he becomes fully immune.
The Overseer
Stun Immune while Auto-Block is active
Ultron Prime
70% Resistance to Shock and Incinerate
(Depends on Signature)
Against Tech Champs:
Power Burn
Power Drain
Armor Break
8% to purify Poison, Degeneration, Shock, Incinerate, and Coldsnap
This chance is increased by Up to 33% (25%+8%) depending on the signature level.
All Champions with Nick Fury and Deadpool (all versions) Synergy
If Nick Fury is alive, Once per-fight all team members (except Nick Fury) can purify poison, shock, and bleed debuff and regenerate 10% of max health.

Is there any Champion that is immune to Void’s Intimidating Presence Debuffs and Magik’s Limbo

The short answer is “no.” But, you can avoid it with some champs. Let’s know how…


She-Hulk (Duped)
X% chance to purify Debuff Each Hit She lands against Science champs
Blade with Ghost Rider Synergy
There is 85% chance that Blade will prevent passive debuffs (e.g. Void’s Intimidation debuffs and Magik’s Limbo)
Archangel Void is not likely to apply any Intimidating Presence Debuffs and Magik won’t trigger Limbo after Archangel put Neuro debuff on them.
Makes the Void’s Debuff and Magik’s limbo fail now and then.
Elsa Bloodstone
While suffering from a Non-Damaging Debuff, Elsa has a 100% chance to Purify 1 of any Debuff every 2.60 seconds.
(Note: Void’s debuff is damaging debuffs but it is counted as non-damaging debuffs. So Elsa is very good against Void.)
     All Champion with Shrug off  or Reduced Potency Feature (Not Applicable for Magik’s Limbo)
All the champions that can shrug off debuffs are good against Void. Check the Shrug Off List Above
You got to apply Concussion Debuff on Void to prevent intimidating debuff and So will it prevent Magik’s Limbo. It may not be possible when Void/Magik is placed on Stun Immune Node
Any Champion With Pacify Mastery
When you parry Magik and attack her she is 30% less likely to get limbo if she fills power bar.
Note: Useless on Limber and Stun-Immune Node
Luke Cage / Captain Marvel
Takes no damage when indestructible is active
Nick Fury
At 10+ Tactical Charges, Nick Fury Purifies all type of debuffs after knocking down the opponent (Including Void’s Debuffs)

Here is a Quick Image to check the immunity/Resistance. 

immunity resistance