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Cavalier Difficulty and Back Issue #5 and #6: Things to Know

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Back Issue #5: Blood and Venom

It’s been long enough when Back Issue #4 was released and we have been waiting for Back Issue #5. Kabam has recently talked about the short Term Roadmap in which they described that Back Issue #4 was scheduled to be released in the last quarter of this year, but Kabam recently put a hold on Book 2 Act 1 Release that allowed them to push forward Back Issue #5.

So this new permanent special quest will be released in August 2020 as part of v28.0. Just like other versions of Back Issue, there will be champions requirement that might push you to use those champs that you rarely used

About Back Issue #5 Rewards

People may have questions if Back Issue #5 will still include 2016 Rank Up gem or Kabam will switch to 2017 Gem now. Well, we will add more info here as soon as we have. We expect all the rewards to remain the same, but 5-star rank up gems (3-4) might change.

Back Issue #6

Kabam has not confirmed any Specific date so far but did mention that they are working on to release Back Issue #6 by the end of this year. Since August will already have Back Issue #5, we expect Back Issue #6 to go live in December 2020.

Cavalier Difficulty

One of the most awaited difficulty mode that many summoners have been waiting for. Those who have already explored Act  6 doesn’t have much to do. Let’s answer each question one by one.

Who can play Cavalier Difficulty?

Anyone who has earned Cavalier title can play. If you haven’t still done, you need to do just one run of Act 6.1 chapters to get this title.

When will Cavalier Difficulty be Released?

It will start in phases. The First 2 phases will be released to test and gather players’ feedback. Starting from Third One, Kabam will add Cavalier Difficulty permanently. Here are the 3 phases:

  • We will have Canadian difficulty In July released as a Side Quest
  • Herald difficulty will be released as Side Quest in August
  • September 2020 – Cavalier difficulty will be added to Event Quest for good.

How Hard Cavalier Difficulty will be?

The difficulty will match the difficulty of Act 6 Chapters. However, there will be one easy path in all chapters to make it easy to do the first run or completion.

What Rewards Cavalier Difficulty Will Include?

Kabam hasn’t confirmed all detail. But these details about rewards are confirmed:

  • Completion Rewards:
    It will be focused to help summoners rank 5-star Champs to R5. So you can expect Tier 5 Basic Catalyst and Tier 2 Alpha Catalysts. It will also have a fair amount of 5-star shards and some 6-star shards.
  • Exploration Rewards:
    It will be focused to rank 6-star champs and boost the roaster. If you manage to explore 100% of it, you will be rewarded with Tier 5 Class Catalyst to Rank up 6-star champions to R3. It will have a good amount of 5-star shards and 6-star shards.

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