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Ægon in Arena on November 22 and November 26

If you want to get Ægon, it’s time. Ægon is Entering the Arena tomorrow (November 22, 2018and the second round will start on November 26, 2018. However, you got to grind hard, and really hard as Ægon is a God Tier Champion, or you may call him a better version of Star-Lord. So there will be many players who will try to get their hands on Ægon, not me, of course. I am too lazy to score that much.

Image: MCOC Trucos

Can’t Score that Much to get Ægon? Follow my Lead, Let’s get the Mighty HulkBuster, Beyond all Tier

Yeah, Hulkbuster, the almighty is rocking arena from November 22 and he will stay there as long as Ægon is gonna stay. He surely gonna kick Ægon’s but.