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Act 7.2.1 Bosses Counters

Mole Man Counters

  • Apocalypse: His debuffs cannot be shrugged and he can apply Bleed with Heavy, and can also refresh debuffs with his heavy.  Since he has a bleed vulnerability node, That’s an easy solo.
  • Storm Pyramid X: She can apply passive stun whenever he shrugs off parry debuff. Spam L3 and L2 and he should go down easy.
  • Any Champion with White Magneto Prefight: This will always apply passive stun when you parry which makes the fight just a normal fight.
  • Any Champion that can make him Bleed: Well, I know Mole Man shrugs all debuffs including bleed and stun. You just have to keep trying to parry him and bleed him that he sure will shrug. Each time he shrugs a debuff, he gains a monster mask. Always bait special 1 that will also give him 2 monster masks. After 20 stacks of monster masks, he will enter Frenzy Mode. Since bleed vulnerability node makes him takes additional damage. It will then be a quick Fight.

You can also use any other champions you like, you just have to block his basic attack, bait heavy, and get your combo. Bait special 1 always, Wait for him to enter Frenzy Mode, and then you can parry.

Don’t forget to mention in the comment section if I didn’t mention any good counter.

Magneto Counters

  • Red Guardian: Red Guardian doesn’t get any buff that will never trigger Spite. So that’s going to be just a normal fight. You just have to stay close and maintain Fervor Charge.
  • Void (Duped): Just try to stay close and hit few times to keep the Fervor Charge on you. Once Petrify debuff is applied, you can then play without fear of triggering power gain.
  • Captain America Infinity War (Max Sigs) + Tech Synergy: Parry a few times to apply petrify debuffs. As long as Magneto has at least 2 Petrify debuffs on, It will not be a trouble.
  • Human Torch with Prefight On: Since Magneto’s attacks are Energy-based, it helps Human Torch to get smolder and charges. So he will make the fight quick.

M.O.D.O.K. Counters

  • Magneto Red: Since MODOK is a metal champion, Magneto can shut down almost everything. Just parry-heavy and build prowess. It will take just 2 Special 3 attacks and he would be down.
  • Magneto White: He also gets true accuracy, but his specials don’t hit that hard. So little long fight, but he can do it without trouble.
  • Mole-Man: Utilize his true strike and MODOK will never block your attack. So, no chance to trigger overrun charge as long as you don’t want to Enter intro Frenzy mode.
  • Nick Fury: You can try parry and heavy combo, but after each parry, you will have to try to get rid of disorient debuff by dashing back and holding block for 1.2 seconds. However, there is an easier way: Let him hit to get to the second life and go unblockable either by getting hit or using Special 1. Once unblockable, you can finish the fight quickly.
  • Killmonger //OR// Black Panther Classic with Killmonger Synergy
  • //OR// any other True Strike Champion: True Strike will help to avoid autoblock.

Act 7.2.2 Bosses Counters

Tigra Counters

Heavy attack increases attack rating by 500% for both (attacker and defender). So this fight is pretty much easy and quick, you can just parry and heavy.

  • Human Torch (Better with Prefight): Parry and Heavy only. You can stun with L2 and then also use 2 heavies.
  • Captain America Infinity War (Better with Science Synergy if duped): Just Parry-and-Heavy already makes Captain America IW hit hard and increased attack rating because of node gives him a bonus. The reason I asked to use a Science champion is that Cap. IW can apply weakness debuff when you parry. Tigra with Weakness debuff on cannot go unblockable while using special attacks.
  • She-Hulk or Spider Gwen: Spam Heavy attack for higher damage and slow debuff. The slow debuff will stop her unblockable specials.
  • Nick Fury or Any other Hard Hitter Champion: Just Spam heavy attack, and she would go down quick.

Magneto (House of X) Counters

This fight doesn’t really need specific counters. It’s just about skill and any hard hitter will work.
Just don’t use any champion tagged as #metal.
If you are not good at evading his Special 1, use champion with high block proficiency.

  • Storm Pyramid X: She already gains prowess + you get some by hitting Magneto when he is cornered. Spam Special 2 and that should be a quick fight.
  • Human Torch With Prefight: His attack is energy-based which gives Human Torch Charges faster. However, you do need to gain prowess to do some good damage.
  • Captain America Infinity War: Stack some prowess, then Fire L2 after building some Kinetic Charges.
  • Captain Marvel Movie: Stack Prowess and Build Her charges. It should not take more than 2 special 2.
  • Or Use any Non-Metal Champion: As I said, it’s about stacking prowess to see some good damage. This fight is more about skill and less about the specific counter.

Guardian Counters

Basic Attacks don’t deal any damage, but special attack deals 400% damage. So you need a champion that hits hard while using special attacks.

  • Magneto Red: Parry–>Heavy–>Special 3. 2 Special 3 will finish the job.
  • Ghost with Wasp Synergy: Her L2 can get all critics and you can also trigger it unblockable. It won’t take more than 3 Special 2 attacks.
  • Doctor Doom: Just fight normally and use Special 3. Use special 2 only when Aura is active, else Guardian can block it in the middle.
  • Hyperion: Parry–> Heavy–> Special 3
  • Or use any champion that does great damage while using special 3 attacks (other specials must be unblockable or Guardian will block it): e.g. Storm Pyramid X, Apocalypse, Domino, Cosmic Ghost Rider, etc.

Act 7.2.3 Bosses Counters

Venom the Duck

You deal no damage unless it’s a critical hit. Critical hits also trigger unblockable. So this fight will require lots of interception skills.

  • Hit-Monkey: Medium + Light + Medium combo are guaranteed to be critical. Fire immediately special after this combo and all hits of special will also be critical.
  • Corvus Glaive: His hits are critical as long as he has charges available. Once it enters cooldown, you will have to wait for it to refresh, then you can again strike with critical hits.
  • Mole-Man: Enter the Frenzy mode, then his all hits are critical.
  • If you don’t have those champions, just use any champion: Every champion throws critical hits now. Don’t use Guillotine 2099 or Crossbones, because they don’t throw critical hits.

Hit-Monkey Counter

Heavy attacks increase attack Rating by 500% for both (Defender and Attacker). However, whenever you use heavy, he will shrug off next parry, so mind that. Or use someone that stops this ability.

TIP: Always Hold Special 3 and use it in the end after knocking him down (when the lifecycle goes on cooldown). You have to time it correctly and use L3 making sure it kills him

  • Void (Duped): He makes the Lifecycle node very easy. He will not let him regenerate and once you knock him down in the end, the lifecycle will go in cool down and Hit-Monkey will die from degeneration.
  • Apocalypse: Since Hit-Monkey cannot shrug off Apocalypse’s Debuffs, you can just parry and heavy all day.
  • Storm Pyramid X: She Applies Passive stun whenever Hit-Monkey shrugs it. You can parry and heavy without fear.
  • Any #Hero or #Metal champion with White Magneto Prefight: It will always apply passive stun that cannot be purified by Hit-Monkey.
  • Or Use Any Hard Hitter: Need a Hard hitter that can take down some good amount of health in the end when you fire Special 3, else Lifecycle will create a big problem for you.

Punisher 2099 Counters

Always Spam Special 1, and try to use special Before Punisher 2099 uses it. Basically, you need a champion that can handle L1 block damages and hits hard with Special 1 Or someone with ability accuracy.

  • Guardian
  • Guillotine 2099(Charge her before)
  • Nick Fury
  • Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)
  • Archangel
  • Human Torch with Prefight
  • Magneto (White/Red)
  • Captain America Infinity War
  • Apocalypse with Charges or A Mutant Horseman

Act 7.2.4 Bosses Counters

Man-Thing Counters

Basically, you just need a Poison Immune Science Champion that hits hard while using special attacks because it’s only the way to damage. Don’t use a champion that gains power ‘coz the power gain effect is reversed. Your champion’s 100% health is drained over 60 seconds, but when you use a champion with class advantage, 100% health will not be drained. So you can only use a Poison Immune Science champion.

  • Red Hulk
  • Abomination (Immortal)
  • She-Hulk
  • Hulk Immortal
  • Abomination with Red Guardian Synergy

Abomination (Immortal) Counters

Again, you have to use a poison immune champion. You need to keep an eye on the meltdown timer. Make sure you hold Special attack and fire Special when Meltdown is applied on you. This will apply a Meltdown timer on Defender for 5 seconds. Once it expires, it will deal damage equal to 200% attack. Always bait Special 1 attack.

Top Counters:

  • Guillotine 2099 (Ramped + Power Steal prefight)
  • Red Hulk
  • Abomination (Immortal)
  • Hulk (Immortal)
  • Ghost (Better with Wasp Synergy)

Nova Counters

  • Doom (Better Duped): Since the node gives him power gain buff, Doom can steal power gain and spam lots of heavies. This makes the fight very easy.
  • Magneto: Since Nova is Metal, Magneto gets ability accuracy and takes him down easy. Just spam Special 3.
  • Human Torch (Better with Prefight): Nova Attack is energy-based that gives Human Torch lots of smoldering charges and he can burn him quickly.
  • Void: Healing Blocking cause Nova to Degenerate Health whenever he triggers power gain. This makes void a good counter too.

Act 7.2.5 Bosses Counters

Void Counters

  • Nick Fury: Follow this combo to avoid taking burst damage, instead you can do 500% of your attack as burst damage: Parry –> Medium + Medium, Parry –> Medium + Medium, Parry then Heavy. This combo total makes 7 stacks of bleed since 8 stacks of bleed get converted to Internal Bleed. So you should always try to keep 6+ bleed stacks before knocking him down. Each medium applies 1 bleed stack that lasts longer (bleed inflicted by light attack expires too soon). Heavy attack applies 3 stacks of bleed.
  • Mole Man: Just fight normally and don’t use Special attacks and heavy. He will purify debuffs automatically. Another way is that you can go frenzy and then each hit has a 100% guarantee to inflict bleed. When Void has 6+ bleed, you can fire special or heavy. If you follow this method, keep in mind that Mole-Man cannot purify debuffs in frenzy mode. So you will have to keep an eye on the combo as he can purify 1 debuff every 10 hits combo.
  • Elsa Bloodstone: Just a usual fight, and don’t use specials and heavy. She purifies debuffs automatically.
  • Any other Champions: Mind the combo as you can purify each debuff every 10 hits combo. As long as you don’t use specials and heavy attack and mind the combo, you should be good.

Platinumpool Counters

Use a champion that can apply more than 10 debuffs in 30 seconds, OR Use someone that doesn’t apply any debuff OR Use a champion that hits hard enough to kill through all Regeneration.

  • Nick Fury: Since he can inflict bleed debuffs with Medium, light, and special 2 attacks. He can easily apply more than 10 debuffs within 30 seconds to make Platinumpool Degen.
  • Abomination (Immortal): He can apply so many poison stacks that will be concerted to Snack charges and Platinumpool will degenerate.
  • Sunspot or Human Torch:  They both can easily help you make Platinumpool get more than 10 stacks of Snack charges to make the fight easier.
  • Captain America Infinity War (Max Sigs) + Cosmic, tech, and Science Synergy (just 2 synergies will work took): Just try to parry as many times as you can. It will not trigger stun, but give him Snack Charges that will eventually make him degenerate health.
  • Annihilus:  Annihilus can apply lots of debuffs too that makes him a perfect match.
  • Guillotine 2099 (Better ramped one): Guillotine hits hard enough to kill through regeneration. Just ramp her before this fight, else it will take longer.
  • Star-Lord (Duped): Keep up the combo and you will get him.
  • She-Hulk: Her fury is strong enough to kill him through all the regeneration.
  • Black Widow Claire Voyant: Spam Special 1 and use medium hit finishing combo to apply debuffs. Use heavy whenever you can. Just make sure he gets 10+ snack charges and you are good.

Dragon Man Counters

You can only parry when stunning reflection is in cooldown. This cooldown can be triggered only by inflicting Incinerate debuffs. The cooldown triggers for 8 seconds only and that needs to be repeated every 8 seconds. When he is stunned, you get +40% attack.

TIP to Control Power Gain:

  • Use a champion that can nullify.
  • Parry or Stun to stop power gain (refreshed the timer)
  • Block Special 1 attack (At least first part of it) to remove power gain (It will refresh timer)
  • Don’t try to inflict Bleed or Poison as it will give him 33% of a bar of power because of the node


  • Human Torch (With or Without Prefight): With Prefight, the fight will be short but you cannot parry. Without prefight, you can parry. Parrying him also disables power gain if it is active. If you are using prefight, don’t forget to block his special 1 attack instead of evading. It will remove power gain.
  • Black Widow Claire Voyant: Fight in Incinerate immunity mode then you can inflict incinerate with medium finishing combo. Then you can parry or use her charge to nullify power gain. Always use Special 2 to apply buff immunity that can also give you some charges if that prevents any buff on him.
  • Sunspot or any other champion that applies incinerate: As long as you can inflict incinerate, you still have the opportunity to control his power by causing stun + you can increase attack that will help to finish fight faster.
  • Doctor Doom, Void, or any Other power control Champion: You can use a power control champion to take Dragon Man down. His power gain is what can cause problems. If you can control it, you should be just fine.

Act 7.2.6 Boss Counter (Rather what to do or How to Fight)

You can read Gwenmaster’s all abilities here

There are 6 plot armors. You can click link above to read her abilities and how plot armors can be destroyed.

You basically don’t need any specific counter, but the skill to destroy his current phase. Every time she enters another phase, she gets 2 bars of power. When she fires special 2, the damage will be dealt to Gwenmaster (and not the attacker). The is the primary and most effective way to deal damage. However, if the timer ends and you don’t fulfill the requirement to destroy her current plot armor, this damage is dealt to the attacker.

When doing your first run:

Remove the link node going from Electra and it will give attacker +300% attacker every 10 seconds. After removing this node, she won’t even enter all the phases. She dies before Entering all Phases.

Imprortant: Pay special attention to (Plot Armor – Iron Man’s Flashy Aviators): After activating special attack she gets 100% chance to autoblock your attack that can only be removed by intercepting her heavy with your heavy attack. Or you should use a champion with True Strike or Unblockable attack.

How to Fight Act 7.2.6 Gwenmaster Boss:

You should read her abilities to learn what needs to be done to remove each plot armor. It has been mentioned clearly. So start reading her abilities here.

You can watch the video below to see the demo