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Gwenmaster spotlight

Gwenmaster is not a playable champion. She can only be found as a Boss in Act 7.2.6 chapter. She looks like Gwenpool, but she has been given completely different features. However, her special 1 and special 3 attack still the same as Gwenpool. Special 2 has a completely different animation. Let’s have a look at her all abilities before you go to fight her.


  • Gwenmaster cannot lose more than 5% max health in a single hit and reduces the Potency of incoming Damaging effects by 100%
  • Debuffs inflicted upon Gwenmaster have 50% reduced Duration 


  • Gwenmaster is Immune to Special Lock, Power Lock, Power Drain, Power Steal, and Power Bum abilities. 
  • Gwenmaster nerfs the Attackers Ability Power Gain Rate by 75%.
  • Ability Accuracy Shma-Shmility Accuracy. Gwenmaster’s extreme confidence renders her immune to all Ability Accuracy modification.
  • Gwenmaster ain’t afraid of no Ghosts. Her Special 1 and Basic attacks cannot Miss 

Countdown to Destruction 

  • At the start of the Fight, and after launching her Special 2, Gwenmaster activates a Countdown for 30 seconds. While this Countdown is active, her Special 2 is Special Locked. 
  • Countdown of Destruction is paused for 3 seconds when the Attacker Interrupts Gwenmaster by landing a clean hit while she is dashing forward or recovering from a Heavy, Special, or Combo ending Attack. If Interrupting with a Special Attack, duration is paused during the Special Attack and lasts for 3 seconds afterwards. 
  • On Expiry, Gwenmaster’s Power is set to 2 bars and her Special 2 becomes unlocked. 
  • If Countdown to Destruction expires naturally, Gwenmaster reactivates her currently equipped Plot Armor and all Special 2 damage is inflicted upon the Attacker. 
  • If Countdown to Destruction expires due to removal of Plot Armor, Gwenmaster activates the next Plot Armor and all Special 2 Damage is inflicted upon herself.

Plot Armor – The Woman Of Legends

  • At the start of the Fight, Gwenmaster activates her Plot Armor. Plot Armor is destroyed by completing a prompt specified by the armor. 
  • When Plot Armor is destroyed, Gwenmaster gains 1 Passive Prowess for every 5 seconds remaining in Countdown to Destruction. Each Prowess deals an additional 3% of Gwenmaster’s Max Health as Direct Damage during her Special 2. 
  • Plot Armors activate in the order they appear below and persist between attempts. 

Plot Armor – Emma Frost’s Insulated Leggings 

  • While 1 Power Level below the Attacker, Gwenmaster activates Diamond Form, granting Immunity to Critical Hits and Debuffs. While 1 Power Level above the Attacker, Diamond Form is removed and she generates 1 Prowess, increasing Special Attack Damage by 50%
  • Gwenmaster’s Special 1 Inflicts Reverse Controls for 2.20 seconds. 
  • Destroy this Plot Armor by activating Dexterity during Gwenmaster’s Special 1 while she has 4 Prowess effects active. 

Plot Armor – Killmonger’s Royal Necklace 

  • Gwenmaster gains 60 Counterpunch charges, granting Unstoppable for 0.75 seconds after blocking an attack. 1 charge is removed each time Gwenmaster is struck or blocks an attack. Remove 3 when she is Knocked down. 
  • Gwenmaster’s Special 1 activates Vibranium Armor for 10 seconds, reflecting up to 100% of any incoming contact damage dealt by Special Attacks back to the Opponent as Physical Damage. Potency is based on current Power. 
  • Destroy this Plot Armor when 0 Counterpunch charges remain. 

Plot Armor – Invisible Woman’s Wedding Ring 

  • Gwenmaster gains a Force Field. Its strength is equal to 286538.9 health. The force field takes 90% of all incoming damage. Intercepts and Special Attacks each grant the Attacker a Passive Fury increasing Attack by 300% for 5 seconds. 
  • Gwenmaster’s Special 1 grants Invisibility for 2.20 seconds, causing all unblocked attacks to Miss. Duration starts paused and becomes unpaused when the Opponent Misses or if Gwenmaster is Bleeding.
  • Destroy this Plot Armor when depleting the Force Fields strength to 0. 

Plot Armor – Doom’s Favorite Hoodie 

  • On Activation, Gwenmaster gains the Aura of Haazareth, granting Unstoppable to any attack that has knocked her down, and she passively steals 5% of the Attackers Power every second. Each time Gwenmaster is Knocked Down, the Attacker gains an Energize Buff granting 45% increased Combat Power Rate. 
  • Gwenmaster’s Special 1 Inflicts a Passive Shock dealing 0 damage, lasting 2 seconds, plus an additional 2 seconds for each Energize active on the Attacker. If Gwenmaster charges a Heavy Attack, she replaces this Shock with a Passive Stun lasting 1.5 seconds. 
  • Destroy this plot armor after knocking Gwenmaster down with a Heavy Attack, Special 1, Special 2, and Special 3. 

Plot Armor – Aarkus’s Retro Cape 

  • While near the Attacker, Gwenmaster gains 10% of a bar of Power every second. Every 2.20 seconds Gwenmaster is away from the Attacker, she inflicts Armor Break, reducing Armor Rating by 238.89%. Gwenmaster cheats, so this Armor Break ignores Immunities. 
  • Gwenmaster’s Special 1 activates a Frozen Air Buff for 10 seconds. Armor Broken Champions near Gwenmaster gain 1 Passive Coldsnap dealing energy damage every second. 
  • Destroy this plot armor when knocking Gwenmaster down with at least 10 Armor Breaks active. 

Plot Armor – Iron Man’s Flashy Aviators 

  • On Activation. Gwenmaster gains 6 Passive Armor Ups, plus 1 Armor Up every 14 seconds, each granting 537.5 Armor Rating. While Gwenmaster is Armor Broken. pause this timer. 
  • Gwenmaster’s Special 1 grants an indefinite 100% chance to Auto-Block. Remove this Auto-Block when interrupting Gwenmaster’s Heavy Attack with a Heavy Attack. This also removes 1 Armor Up. 
  • Destroy this Plot Armor when 0 Armor Ups remain. Remove 1 Armor Up by breaking Blocks or when landing the 4th light attack in a combo. 

Special Attack 2 

  • The Attacker is Stunned for the duration of this Special Attack. 
  • Gwenmaster can’t figure out how to aim this thing, each hit of this Special Attack will Miss. However, Over the duration of this attack, Kabam deals Direct Damage to the loser. 
  • If Countdown to Destruction expires naturally, Kabam deals 6% of the Attackers Max Health as Direct Damage to the Attacker, then reactivates the same Plot Armor. 
  • If Countdown to Destruction expires due to Plot Armor being removed, Kabam deals 50% of Gwen masters Max Health as Direct Damage to Gwenmaster, then activates her next Plot Armor. 
  • When this Special Attack ends, both Champions have their Power set to 0 and Gwenmaster Purifies any active Debuffs. 

Special Attack 3 

  • Instantly KO the Opponent. This damage cannot be prevented or reduced.