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Annohilus Miniboss in Act 6.4.3 is one of the annoying defenders you will find in Act 6.4.3. This is because of the No Retreat Node attached to him. He is hard to parry, and intercepting needs you to dash back a lot that is very hard to do with No Retreat Node.

However, if you have a duped Thing, it will make that fight look like a normal fight. Thing must be duped and it should have a good amount of signature, the more signature, the better he is.
The Trick: Try to parry 3 times and you get 5 rock stack each time you perform well-timed block (whether he is being parried or not). Once you get 15 rock stack. You are ready to kill Annihilus. You will stop blocking hits after getting 15 rock stacks, just attack and keep attack, don’t even block Special attacks. Watch the video below.

Thing vs Annihilus (No Retreat Node – Act 6.4.3)

Don’t have Thing?

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