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Annihilus is still a Nightmare for many players and they struggle to fight in Alliance War and quests. His cosmic rod creates trouble that makes him unstoppable.

Top Annihilus Counters

Storm (Pyramid X)

Storm Pyramid X never misses a parry to Annihilus. If Annihilus prevents it, she will apply passive stun.

Symbiote Supreme

His stagger will keep away the Cosmic Rod and Fury buffs that make the fight very easy

Black Widow Claire Voyant

She can nullify the Cosmic Rod buff that will make the fight normal as you can easily parry and fight. Her Special 2 also applies buff immunity that will prevent Annihilus to gain the cosmic rod buff.

Doctor Doom

It’s very easy to apply stagger debuff on the opponent using a heavy that removes the next buff as it triggers. Use Special 1 nullify and then keep using medium –> light –> light –> light –> Heavy combo.


Mephisto Starts the fight with Soul Imprisonment that shuts down the Cosmic Rod buff from the start and you can use the Special one before that cosmic soul imprisonment debuff expires to prevent that Cosmic Rod buff from coming.

Captain America Infinity War

When Captain America IW has at least one kinetic reactor enabled, he can hit through Unstoppable and remove the Unstoppable buff.


The heavy attack cannot be interrupted when the opponent is unstoppable, and it applies slow debuffs that will prevent Annihilus unstoppable.

Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)

Choose the web form as pre-fight ability to apply slow debuff and keep refreshing the web cartridge with a Special 3 attack.

Awesome Synergy to permanently stop unstoppable of Annihilus

Use Black Widow Claire Voyant with one of the following champions: Mephisto, Human Torch, or Sunspot

Annihilus is immune to Incinerate when Cosmic Rod buff is active on him. Whenever he is immune to Incinerate debuff, the attacker will apply Slow Debuff on Annihilus for 8 seconds that will stop the unstoppable.

Mephisto: So you can keep throwing Mephisto’s Special 1 and he will never go unstoppable whether Mephisto has a charge of not it won’t matter.

Black Widow Claire Voyant: Keep her in Incinerate Immunity and use fight hit combo finishing the last hit as a medium attack.

Sunspot and Human Torch: They are well known to throw Incinerate debuff, so Slow debuff is never gonna expire.

Use any other champion that can nullify the buff or Steal it

There are many champions that can nullify buffs, some are as follows:

  • Magik (Special 1 + Special 3)
  • Man-Thing (Basic Hits + Special 2)
  • Doctor Voodoo (Special 1) + Ability Accuracy
  • Scarlet Witch (Critical Hits Nullifies a buff)
  • Morningstar (Special 2)
  • Doctor Strange (Duped) (Random + Special 2)
  • Loki (Special 1 and 3) – Steal the buff