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Weakness Debuff: Champions that Apply (or Use Mastery Setup)

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What is Weakness Debuff?

Weakness Debuff doesn’t cause any damage to the opponent. It just reduces the attack of the opponent as long as the opponent has it applied.

Such Champions are Very Useful for AQ Map 7’s What’s Yours is Mine Path

About What’s Yours is Mine Node:

Whenever the defender has a weakness Debuff applied to them, a Fury Buff with 60% of the Weakness’ Potency is given to the Attacker for 5 seconds. While the Attacker doesn’t have a Fury Buff from this effect, the Attacker deals 75% less damage to the Defender.

Any Champion can apply Weakness Debuff with Mastery Setup

Unlock the Resonate Mastery Under Defense Tab. Once enabled, all physical hits will have an X% chance to inflict Weakness Debuff. 1 point should be enough.

Weakness Debuff

List of Champions that can apply Weakness Debuff

Captain America (Duped) With Science Synergy** (Well-Timed Block)

** You must have a science champion in the team along with Captain America.

Up to 100% Chance (depends on the amount of signature) to apply weakness debuff on the well-timed block. It will reduce the opponent’s attack by 10% for 10 seconds.

Wasp (Heavy – Chained into Basic)

Use heavy attack while hitting with basic (e.g. 4 Basic hits + Heavy), and it will apply weakness on the opponent for 10 seconds. (Charging heavy while using basic hit stun the opponent, so it is very easy to chain a heavy attack into basic attacks).


Critical hits have a 29% chance to inflict Weakness for 6 seconds that decreases opponent attack by 35%.

Green Goblin (Special 1)

Special 1 Applies Weakness Debuff (90% chance) on the opponent for 12 seconds.

Thing (Special 1)

Make sure to use Special 1 only when Thing has 20 Rock Stacks and it will apply weakness Debuff for 6 seconds.

Tips: Each parry gives you 5 stacks. 15 Charges never expire unless you use Special when you have more than 15 charges. After you have 15 charges ready and a bar of power, Parry and then use Special 1 to apply weakness.

She-Hulk (Special 3) – Not very useful for Map 7

100% Chance to apply Weakness Debuff after Special 3 attack that lasts 14 seconds.

Symbiote Supreme (Special 2)

If Null’s Shadow is active, Special 2 has a 100% Chance to apply Weakness Debuff reducing opponent attack by 33% for 10 seconds.

Void (Special 2)

Special 2 applies 2 dark stings on the opponent. If an opponent uses a Special attack while Dark Sting is active, these dark sting will be converted to degeneration or Weakness (random).

Yondu (Awaken)

When an opponent is suffering from any debuff and uses a Special attack, weakness debuff will be applied for 5 seconds.

Doctor Strange (Special 2)

50% chance to inflict Weakness debuff for 10 Seconds if Special 2 attack is used while being under Oshtur’s Refuge.

Joe Fixit – Not Useful for AQ Map 7

While is Spade Mode, each hit has a 14% chance to apply Fatigue or Weakness (Radom)

Scarlet Witch applies 8 types of debuffs including weakness whenever a critical hit is given or received.
Howard the Duck may also inflict Weakness debuff with Special 2 (applies random types of buffs including weakness, but not it cannot be taken for sure).

Note to Summoners:

I am sure this list is not complete. Please help us identify more champions that can apply weakness debuff (even with synergy). Please type under the comment section.

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