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Warlock is the Final Boss of the new monthly Event Quest (X-Machina) that has been released today. Some summoners might have a little trouble to get him because of the node buff. So we have got some videos to show how you can beat Warlock and what champions are best to get him

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How to Fight Warlock

Warlock doesn’t really need any certain champs to beat. All you need is the skill to beat. However, there are a few champs that make the fight quick. The longer you fight, the riskier it is. But, if you have the skill, you can get him without any issue.

A Quick Guide (Including One Shot Kill with Thor and Medusa)

Corvus Glaive



Cull Obsidian

Warlock Fight Starts at 1:42





Feel free to share links of all One-Shot Video in the comment and I will add them here. I know there are so many champs that can kill.