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Before we talk about the Counters, let’s learn about his abilities.

Power Gain Buffs that are against power steal, drain, and lock

  • His power gain buffs last indefinitely unless nullified. He gains one power gain buff every 10 seconds + 1 each time his power is drained, locked or stoles. First power gain buff gives him 4% of a bar of power every second and every subsequent power gain buff is 33.33% less effective.
  • Power Steal and Power Drain effects are 80% less effective and Power Locks expires 50% faster

Armor Break and Cold Snap

If you go near Vision Aarkus (When he has Power Gain Buff Active), you get Armor Break timer on you that lasts 2.30 seconds (stacks up to 10). Once armor break debuff is applied, going close to him applies Coldsnap Debuff.

What Type of Champions do you need?

  • Solution 1: A champion that is immune to Armor break. No armor break = no coldsnap.
  •  Solution 2:  Use a champion that is immune to Cold Snap.
  • Solution 3: Use a champion that nullifies or steal buffs. Depending on the champion you use, you either needs to be lucky or time it right.
  • Solution 4: Get away before the armor break timer expires. If you fail to do so, don’t go close to him until armpr break debuff expires.

What are the Top Counters to Handle Vision Aarkus


Doom is immune to Armor Break, He can apply stagger debuff with a heavy attack that removes the next buff that triggers immediately. He can also nullify buffs with the special 1 attack. Power Steals are less 80% effective, but still, he will give no power to him while using light attack and special when he has Aura of Haazareth buff active on him.

Symbiote Supreme (Duped Better)

Vision Aarkus will start the fight with no power gain buff. Symbiote Supreme has a chance to apply stagger debuff with each hit. If he is duped with more signatures, he keeps throwing a stagger every few seconds. No Power Gain = No Armor Break (means no Coldsnap).

Black Widow Claire Voyant with MD Mastery

She starts with 3 Charges that means she can nullify 3 power gain buffs. As she nullifies, she will gain power because of MD mastery to get to Special 2 attack very quickly. Special 2 attack applies buff immunity debuff on Vision Aarkus. This buff immunity will prevent all the power gain buff from triggering instead she will gain more charges and power whenever it is prevented. Repeat the same method to keep away from power gain.

Doctor Voodoo

Doctor Voodoo’s Special 1 can do the trick nullifying his power gains buffs and converting them to poison.


Loki can keep stealing the power gain buff that will prevent the armor break on you.


Mephisto can prevent buff from triggering with Sole Imprisonment ability and he is also immune to Cold Snap.

Any Armor Break and/or Coldsnap Immune Champion

If you don’t have any of the champions mentioned above, use any Armor Break or Coldsnap immune champions.

Armor Break Immunes: Doom, Colossus, Thing, and Man-Thing.
Coldsnap Immune: Human Torch, Mephisto, Sabretooth, Corvus Glaive, Iron Man Infinity War (when armored up), Silver Surfer, Annihilus, and Warlock.

Domino Synergy (If not fighting on debuff immune)

Use Domino with Red Hulk and Masacre. You can just parry and heavy to keep him away. This way, you will keep him away and do lots of incinerate damage.

Captain Marvel (Movie)

Vision Aarkus gives lots of charges to Captain Marvel (movie) that makes her get binary very faster. Once binary is activated, she can finish him very quick.

Here is a great video made by Unofficial Kabam Mike that shows things in action.