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Vision Aarkus Best Counters – How to Defeat

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What’s the trick to Defeat Vision Aarkus Uncollected or any other difficulty. Things you should know before you fight him.

  • Problem 1: At the start of the fight Vision Aarkus gains power gain buff and it will place Armor Break timer on your if you are near him.

Solution: Stay way before the armor break timer expires, else you will get armor break.

  • Problem 2: In case you couldn’t manage to avoid Armor Break timer and you get the Armor Break. You will suffer from Coldsnap when you are near to him
  • Solution 1: Use a champion that is immune to Armor break. Thing is the only solution to this problem. No armor break = no coldsnap.
  •  Solution 2:  Use a champion that is immune to Cold Snap. There are many, e.g. Sabretooth, Mephisto, Human Torch, Corvus Glaive, Iron Man Infinity war when he is armored up.
  • Solution 3: Use a champion that nullifies or steal buffs. Depending on the champion you use, you either needs to be lucky or timer it right.
  • Solution 4: Stay away when he has power gain buff and if Armor Break is applied, in this case you also need to stay away until Armor Break expires.

Here is a great video made by Unofficial Kabam Mike that shows things in action.

Other top counters you can use apart from those mentioned above in the problem and solution section

  • Domino: without synergy, if you can avoid Armor Break (explained above how to avoid), else use Domino with Red Hulk and Masacre Synergy and it will be a quick fight.
  • Cull Obsidian: Charge him before you reach Vision Aarkus. He will kill him in a few seconds with 10 charges.
  • Or use any hard hitter champ, He is not very tricky anyway.