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Back Issues #7: Arachnid Action FAQs

Can I use any class of champions for each chapter?

Now, you cannot, you will have to follow these:

  • Chapter 1: Only Skill and Tech
  • Chapter 2: Only Mutant and Mystic
  • Chapter 3: Only Science and Cosmic

Are there any Global Buffs?

  • Pursuit of Justice: Opponent Reduce damage taken by 95% (including debuff damages) while using any non-hero champion (must be tagged as #Hero for full damage).
  • Teamwork: Your champions gain 10% ability accuracy for each #Hero champion present in the team.

Can I bring #Villain or Non-Hero Champions to the quest?

You can bring for synergy only, but using them won’t make any sense as they will inflict -95% damage (5% of the actual damage).

Chapter 1: All Mystic and Mutant #Hero

#Hero Class
Archangel Mutant
Beast Mutant
Bishop Mutant
Black Widow CV Mystic
Cable Mutant
Colossus Mutant
Cyclops (Blue Team) Mutant
Doctor Strange Mystic
Doctor Voodoo Mystic
Domino Mutant
Dragon Man Mystic
Emma Frost Mutant
Gambit Mutant
Ghost Rider Mystic
Guillotine Mystic
Havok Mutant
Ice-Man Mutant
Iron Fist (Both) Mystic
Jubilee Mutant
Longshot Mystic
Magik Mystic
Magneto (White) Mutant
Man-Thing Mystic
Namor Mutant
Nightcrawler Mutant
Old-Man Logan Mutant
Professor X Mutant
Psylocke Mutant
Rogue Mutant
Sasquatch Mystic
Scarlet Witch Mystic
Sorcerer Supreme Mystic
Strom Mutant
Sunspot Mutant
Thor (Jane Foster) Mystic
Tigra Mutant
Wolverine Mutant
Wolverine X-23 Mutant

Chapter 2: All Skill and Tech #Hero Champions you can use in Back Issue #7 or Variant #7

#Hero Class
Ægon Skill
Agent Venom Skill
Black Panther Skill
Black Panther CW Skill
Black Widow Skill
Black Widow DO Skill
Blade Skill
Civil Warrior Tech
Daredevil Skill
Daredevil HK Skill
Darkhawk Tech
Electra Skill
Elsa Bloodstone Skill
Falcon Skill
Guardian Tech
Gwenpool Skill
Hawkeye Skill
Howard the Duck Tech
Hulkbuster Tech
Iron Man Tech
Iron Man IW Tech
Jabari Panther Skill
Korg Skill
Nick Fury Skill
Night Thrasher Skill
Punisher Skill
Rocket Raccoon Tech
Ronin Skill
Silver Centurion Tech
Spider-Man (Stark) Tech
Spider-Man (Stealth) Skill
Squirrel Girl Skill
Star-Lord Tech
Thor (Ragnarok) Skill
Vision (Both Version) Tech
War Machine Tech

Chapter 3: All Science and Cosmic #Hero Champions You can use

#Hero Class
Angela Cosmic
Ant-Man Science
Black-Bold Cosmic
Captain America
(All 3 Versions)
Captain Marvel (Both) Cosmic
Cosmic Ghost Rider Cosmic
Drax Cosmic
Gamora Cosmic
Groot Cosmic
Heimdall Cosmic
Hulk Science
Hulk (Immortal) Science
Hulk (Ragnarok) Science
Human Torch Science
Hyperion Cosmic
Invisible Woman Science
Luke Cage Science
Medusa Cosmic
Mister Fantastic Science
Ms. Marvel (Both) Cosmic
Nova Cosmic
Odin Cosmic
Phoenix Cosmic
Quake Science
Red Guardian Science
Sentry Science
She-Hulk Science
Silver Surfer Cosmic
Spider-Gwen Science
Spider-Ham Science
Spider-Man Science
Spider-Man (Miles) Science
Spider-Man (Symbiote) Cosmic
Superior Iron Man Cosmic
Thing Science
Thor Cosmic
Vision (Aarkus) Cosmic
Wasp Science

Back Issue #7 Infographic