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Variant 4 Electro and Deadpool X-Forcer Counters

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Back Issue #4 (aka Variant 4) Electro Counters


  • Stunt Immune
  • All Physical Contacts will apply passive energy damage debuff on attacker dealing 0.50% of the max health every second for 10 seconds and can be stacked up to 10. Any non-contacting attack will remove all stacks.
  • 100% Power gain
  • Special attack costs 50% less power

Top Counters

  • Domino: 2 Hits combo unless you get L3 ready.  The second hit of her first medium attack and her first light attack don’t make contact. So she will remove that degen debuff before you can notice. You can’t use more than 2-3 hits each combo because of his power gain. So Domino is best.
  • Hyperion: Spam Special 1 Attack
  • Havok and Iron Man Infinity War: The attack combo includes contacting and non-contacting hits will keep removing the debuff.
  • Quake: If you know how to use Quake against Stun-Immune champ, you can solo without any trouble
  • Gwenpool: Use Boost (better with suicide). Might need to revive once if you get unlucky with bleed. Lock his power gain with L2 and then use L1 only to remove degen stack.

Variant 4 Deadpool X-Force Counters


  • Aggressive (Rarely stays in block mode)
  • Mighty Charge 2: You cannot intercept his dash attack with a light or medium attack as he goes unstoppable and He also removes all types of debuffs while dashing.
  • Limber: Decrease Stun time by 10% every time you stun him
  • Fundamentals: He never uses a special attack. Under 1-bar of power, he takes 95% less damage. At 1-bar of power, he gains +2100 Block Penetration. At 3 bars: All attacks are unblockable. Charging a heavy attack deals 1% of Defender’s attack as direct damage.
  • Using dexterity provides fury buff to the attacker and at 10 furies, all are removed and defender goes unblockable for 15 seconds.

Top Counters

  • Ghost: Pretty Much Normal Fight if you know how to use Ghost.
  • Hyperion: Parry heavy twice, Special 2 and the heavy once if you get lucky to stun him. Thereafter, you have to country all attackers with Hype’s Special attack. Always try to hit his block to push him back, else you are going to die sitting in the corner.
  • Spiderman Stark-Enhanced: Always use L1 to bring him below power 3. He sometimes makes him use a special attack as well.
  • Masacre: Spam Heavy after Deadpool is set to the corner.

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