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Back Issue #3 Polar Opposites: Chapter 1.1 Boss – Magneto (Marvel Now)

Before we ahead to demonstrate how you can beat, you should first know what makes him difficult to fight.

The Challenge: 

Flux Dispersal Node: Each time the defender is struck they gain a dispersal charge which reduces all the damage taken from hits by 5%. Being Struck by a Heavy attack remove all charges.

Limber: Each time defender is stunned the stun duration is reduced by 0.10 Seconds.

The rest of the nodes can be dealt with, so not discussing those.

The point is Limber will prevent you from causing parry after parrying the opponent a few times and it will make almost impossible to use heavy without parrying Magneto (White) unless you are cornered ad take some block damage and then counter his heavy with yours heavy.

How to Beat Variant 3.1.1 Magneto (White) Boss

  • Use a Tech Champion because the champions of all other classes get 50% deduced attack
    • Sentinel is the best option as he gets class advantage + analysis charges generate 2 times faster + 1% additional true damage per analysis charges that makes 100% additional damage after you have 100 charges that take just a few seconds to get. Just hit the block 13 times and you will have 100 charges. Always Use L2.
    • Use Ghost as she can easily use heavy by phasing that will remove all dispersal charges. She also gets class advantage and her damage output is really awesome.
  • Domino + Masacre + Hulk: Hulk is not mandatory to be in the team, but he will help finish the fight quickly by incinerating the opponent with each heavy.

Ghost Magneto (Marvel Now) Solo

Sentinel vs Magneto (Marvel Now)

Nebula vs Magneto (Marvel Now) – One-Shot