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Back Issue #3 Variant Difficulty has great rewards if you can 100% it. However, it may not be possible without the right champions, so we are here to discuss the completion that requires just one run of each chapter.

Polar Opposites – Back Issue #3 (variant 3) Easy Paths for Completion

V3 = Variant 3 (just to clarify if you see V3 term used in this article). Back Issue #3 is known as Variant 3

V3 Chapter 1.1 Easy Path

Go to the far right path and you will face these champions:

  1. She-Hulk
  2. Daredevil
  3. Thing
  4. Green Goblin
  5. Punisher
  6. Killmonger
  7. Magneto (white) – Final Boss

Best Attack Team: 

Domino + Hulk + Masacre + Use any other 2 champs (tech preferred)
Or Use Ghost Team: Ghost + Wasp + Antman + YJ + any other champ

Magneto (white) boss node has limber and he takes no damage from light/medium/special attack unless you use a heavy attack. So it will be very difficult without Domino or Ghost team.

Variant 3 Chapter 1.2 Easy Path

Go to the far left path and you will face these champs:

  • Spiderman (Miles Morales)
  • Taskmaster
  • Hulk Ragnarok
  • Doctor Octopus
  • Masacre
  • Gambit
  • Magneto (Red) – Final Boss

Best Attack Team: 

Any team would work. You don’t need anyone specific.

Magneto (Red) Boss has limber + aggressive fury + Block penetration. So you better not try to parry him. Else you are likely to die after a couple of parries. So just intercept.

V3 Chapter 2.1 Easy Path

Take the far right path and you will have to fight these champs

  • Phoneix
  • Doctor Voodoo
  • Abomination
  • Crossbones
  • Hulk
  • Sabretooth
  • Wolverine – Final Boss

Best Attack Team: 

Any team will do. – Just need intercept skill.

Wolverine Boss goes unblockable and has increased attack when he is regenerating. So never try to block an attack or parry when the regeneration buff is active.

V3 Chapter 2.2 Easy Path

  • Option1: Take the Far Left Path if you are okay with Domino, and fight these champs:
    • Gwenpool
    • Black Panther (Classic)
    • Venom the Duck
    • Guillotine
    • Domino
    • Storm – Final Boss
  • Option2: Take the 2nd path from the left if you are okay with Dormammu.
    • Red Skull
    • Vision (OG)
    • Hawkeye
    • Dormammu
    • Psylocke
    • Storm – Final Boss

Both paths are easy. SO take any path you like.

Best Attack Team: 

Any team will do. – Just need intercept skill.

Variant 3 Chapter 3.1 Easy Path

Go to the far left path and fight these opponents:

  • Ghost
  • Medusa
  • Nebula
  • Sentry
  • Spider Gwen
  • The Hood
  • Colossus – (Final Boss)

Best Attack Team: 

Any team can clear the path, but not the boss.

Colossus Boss sets bleed debuff on you and also has aggressive armor that makes take up over 500 hits if you use a bleed immune champ that does not apply the debuff.

Best Attacker for Colossus Boss:

  • Warlock: Spam L2.
  • Sentinel: Spam L1 – He is not immune to armor break against tech champs.
  • Darkhawk: Spam L3.
  • Black Widow Claire Voyant (Better with MD): Keep her bleed immunity enabled and she will keep nullifying Armor and fill special bars very quickly. Use L2 to heal, if you don’t need healing use L3 for more damage.

Variant 3 Chapter 3.2 Easy Path

Go to the Far Lef Path and kill these champions:

  • Night Thrasher
  • Kingpin
  • Ghost Rider
  • Gamora
  • Human Torch
  • Proxima Midnight
  • Captain America Infinity War
  • Kang – Final Boss

Best Attackers: 

For the Path: 

  • Basic Attack Deals no Damage, Special attack deals 400% more damage.
  • Hold block to gain power (the only way to get power)

Storm Pyramid X, Black Widow Deadly Origin, Nick Fury, Corvus Glaive, Hyperion, Domino, Ghost, Cull Obsidian,  or any other champions that hit harder while using a special attack. Or Use a Champ that burns power: Vision, Hawkeye, Magik, etc.

How to: Just hold the block, gain power and use Special attack to damage or burn power (depends on what champion you are using)

For the Boss (Kang): 

Challenge: every 20 secs health is restored to 100% if Shock or Incinerate debuff is not active on the boss.

Warlock – Just keep him infected and he will never heal.

Black Widow Deadly Origin – He shock damage is best of all the champs. Her basic attacks apply shock that makes the fight pretty much a usual fight.

Iron Man Infinity War – Spam Special 1 attack and always try to keep the Shock Debuff active. If you miss sometimes, use special 1 quickly before the recovery timer (20 secs) resets.

Doom – Starting the combo with medium applies shock debuff, L2 applies Incinerate Debuff, Nullifying applies shock. He can easily get him.

Human Torch and Sunsport: Cause incinerate debuff, but it must be on the opponent when recovery time resets.

Hyperion: Parry –> Heavy –> Special 1. You got to Spam L1 to cause incinerate debuff that will prevent health recovery

Sentinel: Use heavy attack to cause shock debuff when the recovery timer is about to reset.

Nebula: Prepare shock charges and parry to cause shock debuff right before recovery is about to reset.

Star-Lord,  She-Hulk, Spiderman (Stark): Star-Lord can do it with a great amount of combo only. She-hulk needs lots of furies to prepare her to kill Kang within 20 seconds. Spiderman Stark can do it, but you need to time it right and use his Special 2 when Recovery timer is about to reset.