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night riders

Marvel Contest of Champions v21.1 update will be released on December 3. The new update will bring some cool things, let’s know more in detail.

Contest of Champions v21.1 Highlights

  • The new update will be rolled out on December 3. So don’t forget to update the app.
  • New monthly event quest “Knight Rider” will enter the quest.
  • 2 new champions:  Night Thrasher andDrakhawk.
  • A Special Calendar will be introduced with some cool free stuff as Kabam is celebrating 4 years of the Contest. What I want is the rank down Ticket, LOL! But, I don’t think this is gonna happen.
  • Halls of Healing and Halls of Fortune will be available as well that are likely to provide Revives, Health Potions, Gold, etc..
  • Kabam will also introduce a daily quest (Chilled Challenges) event. Daily challenge will require a gadget to enter that Kabam is likely to provide by certain means (probably by completing the daily quest itself or from the store by using the rewards collected from the daily quest, just guessing).
  • Map 6 will now have new encounters along with new minibosses: Mephisto and Yondu.
  • Last but more important “Bug Fixes” what Kabam said, but what I can assure is more bugs, and  I am sure you know this as well. LOL!