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Top Champions to Awaken with Awakening Gem (November 2020)

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Getting awakening gems are rare as you don’t get them every week or even months. These are awarded after completion of some certain story quests or event quests. So you must be wise enough to use them on good champs, especially when you are using a 5-star awakening gem and a generic awakening gem.

What Champion Should I Awaken or Dupe With a Generic Awakening Gem

Generic awakening gems are those gems that can be used to awaken any champ and it doesn’t matter what class they belong to. Whether you have a 5-star, 4-star, or even 3-star generic awakening gem, you can use on these champs to awaken.

These Champs Deserve Generic Awakening Gem

Offense (Attacker) Defense (Defender)
Ægon Korg
Blade Medusa
Captain America IW Iceman
Corvus Glaive Emma Frost
Cull Obsidian Killmonger
Hyperion The Champion
Nick Fury Thing
Omega Red Darkhawk
Scarlet Witch
Sorcerer Supreme

The Attackers: What Champions are Worth to Get Class Awakening Gem

These Attackers Deserve Tech Awakening Gem

  1. Darkhawk
  2. Ghost
  3. Guardian
  4. Guillotine 2099
  5. Hulkbuster
  6. Iron-Man (Infinity War)
  7. Mysterio
  8. Sentinel
  9. Spider-man (Stark Enhanced)
  10. Star-Lord
  11. Vision (Both Version)
  12. Warlock

Attackers that Deserve Science Awakening Gem

  1. Abomination (Immortal)
  2. Captain America Infinity War
  3. Hulk (Immortal)
  4. Human Torch
  5. Luke Cage
  6. Mister Fantastic
  7. Red Guardian
  8. She-Hulk
  9. Void

List of Attackers that Deserve Mystic Awakening Gem

  • Doctor Doom
  • Doctor Voodoo
  • Dragon Man
  • Ghost Rider
  • Longshot
  • Mojo
  • Sasquatch
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Sorcerer Supreme
  • Symbiote Supreme

These Attackers Deserve Cosmic Awakening

  1. Captain Marvel (The Movie Version)
  2. Corvus Glaive
  3. Cull Obsidian
  4. Medusa
  5. Proxima Midnight
  6. Silver Surfer
  7. Thor (Classic)

These Attackers Deserve Mutant Awakening gem

  1. Apocalypse
  2. Archangel
  3. Iceman
  4. Namor
  5. Omega Red
  6. Profession X
  7. Storm (Pyramid X)
  8. Sunspot
  9. Wolverine

These Attackers are Good to use Skill Awakening Gem

  1. Æegon
  2. Black Widow
  3. Black Widow (Deadly Origin)
  4. Blade
  5. Gwenpool
  6. Killmonger
  7. Mole-Man
  8. Nick Fury
  9. Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)
  10. Squirrel Girl
  11. Thor Ragnarok

Using Class Awakening gem on The Defenders: What Champions Should I awake to use as Alliance War Defender (AWD)

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These Defenders Deserve Tech Awakening Gem

  1. Darkhawk
  2. Iron-Man (Infinity War)
  3. Mysterio
  4. Sentinel
  5. Vision (Classic)
  6. Warlock

Defenders that Deserve Science Awakening Gem

  1. Electro
  2. Invisible Woman
  3. Mister Fantastic
  4. M.O.D.O.K
  5. Human Torch
  6. Spiderman (Classic)
  7. Thing
  8. Wasp

List of Defenders that Deserve Mystic Awakening Gem

  1. Doctor Doom
  2. Dormammu
  3. Dr. Strange
  4. Ebony Maw
  5. Magik
  6. Mephisto
  7. Morningstar
  8. Sasquatch
  9. Scarlet Witch
  10. Symbiote Supreme

These Defenders Deserve Cosmic Awakening

  1. Annihilus
  2. Hyperion
  3. Medusa
  4. Nova
  5. Silver Surfer
  6. Terrax
  7. The Champion

These Defenders Deserve Mutant Awakening gem

  1. Domino
  2. Emma Frost
  3. Havok
  4. Iceman
  5. Mister Sinister
  6. Namor
  7. Omega red
  8. Sabretooth
  9. Sunspot

These Defenders are Good to use Skill Awakening Gem

  1. Korg
  2. Killmonger
  3. Mole-Man
  4. Nick Fury
  5. Thor Ragnarok
  6. Taskmaster

If I missed some great champs to mention, feel free to let us know by comment.