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Top Champions to Awaken with Awakening Gem (2019 List Updated)

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Getting awakening gems are rare as you don’t get them every week or even months. These are awarded after completion of some certain story quests or event quests. So you must be wise enough to use them on good champs, especially when you are using a 5-star awakening gem and a generic awakening gem.

What Champion Should I Awaken or Dupe With a Generic Awakening Gem

Generic awakening gems are those gems that can be used to awaken any champ and it doesn’t matter what class they belong to. Whether you have a 5-star, 4-star, or even 3-star generic awakening gem, you can use on these champs to awaken.

Offense (Attacker)Defense (Defender)
Cull ObsidianKorg
Omega RedIceman
Captain America IWEmma Frost
Nick FuryThe Champion
Scarlet Witch **
Wolverine **
    ** Only 4-star version of the champion is available only.

The Attackers: What Champions are Worth to Get Class Awakening Gem

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Star-LordVoidDoctor VoodooMedusaWolverineBlade
Spider-Man (Stark)Captain America (IW)Symbiote SupremeHyperionIcemanBlack Widow
Iron Man (IW)Luke CageScarlet WitchProxima MidnightArchangelKillmonger
Vision (Both)Ghost RiderCorvus GlaiveOmega RedNick Fury
SentinelThor (classic)Thor Ragnarok
DarkhawkCull ObsidianÆgon

Using Class Awakening gem on The Defenders: What Champions Should I awake to use as Alliance War Defender (AWD)

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SentinelSpiderman (Classic)Symbiote SupremeMedusaMr SinisterKillmonger
Iron Man (IW)ElectroScarlet WitchHyperionIcemanNick Fury
Vision (Classic)WaspDormammuThe ChampionSabretoothThor Ragnarok
DarkhawkInvisible WomanMagikAnnihilusOmega RedTaskmaster
M.O.D.O.KDr. StrangeHavokKorg
Ebony MawEmma Frost

If I missed some great champs to mention, feel free to let us know by comment.