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Many players are raising their voices on the official forum about nerfing The Champion Boss of Act 6.2 and buffing rewards. However, let’s have a peek at various aspects and decide whether he really needs a nerf.

Before we jump to the actual point let’s have a look at Player types

  1. Rich Players
  2. Highly Skilled Players
  3. Players with some skill
  4. Players with low skill
  5. Players with no skill

We will come to this in the end why de divided players.

Is The Champion Boss Hard or Impossible to deal with?

  • Yes, He is hard. Why shouldn’t he be hard, by the way? We are talking about Act 6, you need to grow up.
  • He is not impossible. Not at all!

Why do I think The Champion Boss is not Hard?

  • There are some players who have soloed The Champion Boss. I am not talking about 1 specific player, but look for the Champion Solo on YouTube and you will find at least 5 or even more.

Everyone cannot solo. True! How about using some revives? If some people can solo, you can use few revives, can’t you?

  • I don’t have Symbiote Supreme, how I deal with the first phase of the Champion (Initial 90% of the health). Or I can’t beat even with Symbiote Supreme.

Use Mystic Dispersion Mastery. The more points you have, the better it is. Save unnits and loyalty to buy Mystic Mastery Core. If you cannot beat the content with Symbiote Supreme, I am not sure if you can ever beat it. If you don’t have him, you can use She Hulk, Sorcerer Supreme, Black Widow Claire Voyant, Hood, Red Guardian, Doom, Mojo etc.. Watch the Videos Her for Counters.

  • The last 10% is crazy. This is what I want to be nerfed.

You certainly need some specific champions to deal last 10%. Again, use any mystic champ with MD 5 mastery and it’s very easy to handle. You can use lots of Special 3 and keep baiting Special attacks. Even Diablo can do it. Watch the Diablo vs the Champion fight. Thing make the fight cheese where you can just take a corner and get all the 5 provess without blocking attack. Watch the Thing Video below. You can also use Captain America Infinity War, Spiderman Stealth, She Hulk etc..

  • Well, I have read the above statement, but it doesn’t sound fair. I still cannot beat him.

You need some skill and practice. I gave up on him and told myself that I am not gonna touch The Champion unless I have Captain America IW. However, did some practice dueling his L1 evade and I 100% that chapter without Captain IW (Using Symbiote Supreme, Thing, and Black Widow CV.

It’s time to talk about Player Categories what I discussed above

  1. Rich Players:
    They can do it whatever it costs, let’s not be concerned about them Kabam should be concerned.
  2. Highly Skilled Players
    Those with great Skill can even solo. Don’t tell me that Seatin struggled too. He is certainly a good entertainer, but I won’t put him in this category.
  3. Players with some skill
    These players are the real heroes who don’t give up. They keep practicing and trying unless they do it.
  4. Players with low skill
    These are those players who lose hope easily. They are not very interested in improving their skill.
  5. Players with no skill
    Less on game and more on the forum. A complainer of everything. They want more and more rewards and even if you give them 10 six-star crystal from Act 6, they are not gonna be satisfied.

The Champion Boss Doesn’t Need a Nerf, but the Rewards really, really need a buff?

Let’s talk about Reasons.

  • Don’t Forget Act 6.2.5. The most annoying chapter of 6.2.
  • More Paths: 10 paths in each chapter compared to 6 in Act 6.3.
  • The champion Boss – Yeah, one of the reasons to get some good rewards for your skill
  • The most Annoying Class gates

A Highly Skilled and those with some skills would certainly be more interested in getting buffed rewards compared to nerfing The Champion.

Let’s please not put yourself among Low Skill and those without skills and keep complaining about nerfing the Champion. Ask for a reward buff. You can make Kabam do it, they are nothing without players.

Something that is really needed to be noticed (at least in 6.2.6)

Those class gates are the most annoying part of the Act 6.2 Chapter, especially in Act 6.2.6. Asking to bring 4 five-stars of the same class is the way more annoying than anything else. This is something Kabam can narrow to 2 or just remove those class gates.