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Best counters for “The Champion” Boss in Act 6.2.6

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It’s not a normal “The Champion”, but the one with Power Stone.  He is similar to Thanos with Infinity Stones who activate various features at a certain point of health, but this one is really worst. Let me explain what it really means.

What is special with “The Champion” Boss with Power Stone in Act 6.2.6?

He activates these features at these health level:

Between 100% and 70% Health

  • At the start of the fight, The Champion Instantly Regenerates 30% of the Health Points Attacker is missing.
  • If his health is already 100%, the Champion instead gets 3 fury buffs.

Between 70% and 40% Health

  • All the light attacks are unblockable and he will fight aggressively.
  • If you try to hit The Champion when he has the unstoppable buff, he will make you stun for 2.5 seconds.

Between 40% and 10% Health

  • Medium Attacks are Unblockable and become very aggressive
  • Attacker receives 10% of The Champion’s attack as direct damage whenever Attacker stagger or Nullify The Champion’s buff
  • 100% chance to shrug off all Damage Overtime and Stun Debuff

At 10% and Lower Health

  • Gain 5 Indestructible Debuffs and it cannot be nullified. The only way to Nullify is that you use Dexterity 5 times to avoid Special attack. Every time you use dexterity to evade a special attack, you get a prowess charge. Once 5 Indestructible Debuffs are removed, you can then do damage.

What are the Best Counter to Defeat Act 6.2.6 Boss “The Champion”

She-Hulk Destroys the Champion: Solo

Symbiote Supreme and Captain America Infinity War

Symbiote Supreme: Use him until the Champion reaches 10% of the health.
Captain America Infinity War with health boost: Use captain Below 10% health as he can take lots of block damage. Stay close when he uses L1 and evade the last hit of his L1. Use heavy right before L3 to knock him down after all charges are removed.

Quake Vs The Champion Act 6.2.6 Boss (With Heimdall Synergy)

Quake vs The champion fight: Starts at 2:48:00 and Ends at 2:57:00

Can we use Symbiote Supreme for the whole fight even at 10% health

Yes, you can use, but you need to be very good at intercept else he is gonna die of block damage for sure. Here is a video.

Beating The Champion with Duped Morning Star at 10% health (Must have 4+ Souls)

How to Trigger Dexterity and Remove 5 indestructible charges from The Champion When he reaches 10% of His Health?

The trick is to dash in with a medium hit while he is using Special 1 attack and then dash back. However, it requires perfect timing and you need lots of practice. Visit the Duel Target Sheet to find The Champion Duel target and practice.  But watch these videos before you go ahead and practice.

Loki vs The Champion (at 10% health)

Dr. Strange vs the Champion (Last 10% Health

She-Hulk vs The Champion (Post Nerf)

Hyperion vs The Champion (Last 10%)

Corvus Glaive vs The Champion (Last 10%)

Can I defeat “The Champion” Act 6.2.6 without Symbiote Supreme and Captain America Infinity War?

Any Champ that prevents buff or nullifies can bring him down to 10% like Hood, Magik etc., but it’s still gonna be quite a tough fight. You can also use any hard hitter champ, but again, you will spend lots of units if you cannot stop his unstoppable and regen. So I would not really recommend wasting so much money on this one.

Please share the video link in comment if you know more counter, I will be happy to feature in this article. Do not share the link of the same counter that is already added in this article.