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The Champion is the final boss of the November’s event quest and he can make it almost impossible for you to defeat him if you don’t know how to avoid his Unstoppable buff.

The mistake we make and get caught when he gets Unstoppable buff

We always look at the buff bar to know when he gets unstoppable buff, don’t we?

buff bar

It happens and happened to me as well because we are in the habit of looking at the buff bars to identify a buff when it triggers. However, when the unstoppable buff is already there, you are likely to get caught before you dash back. So stop looking at the buff bar.

How to avoid Unstoppable Buff of The Champion boss

primal fury

  • Do not look at the buff bar.
  • Always look at the right side of the screen.
  • When you see Primal Fury notification of the right screen. Back off. He gets unstoppable right after showing the Primal Fury. So you get enough time to dash back.

How to Stop Regeneration of The Champion

Archangel and Quake

Quake and Archangel are the best encounters. They can shut down regeneration as well the as unstoppable buff.

If you don’t have Archangel and Quake

  • Symbiote Supreme
  • Medusa
  • Captain America IW
  • Domino with Red Hulk Synergy
  • Ghost with Yellow Jacket, Antman, and Wasp Synergy
  • Drax does surprisingly awesome as tested
  • X23 if you don’t mind little long fight. Keep L3 to regenerate all the block damage she takes.
  • Thor (Regular, not Ragnarok. Must be Duped)
  • Blade –┬áNeeds lots of interception
  • Star-Lord –┬áNeeds lots of interception
  • Spider-Man (Stark-Enhanced) – Needs lots of interception
  • Magik
  • Yondu