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That’s Gonna Sting Path in Act 6.4.5 is one of the annoying paths if you don’t have the right champs. Let’s talk about the best counters.

The nodes

  • That’s Gonna Sting:- The defenders will take 90% less damage from all sources unless inflicted by sting effect. Attackers get a 40% increased attack while the sting effect is applied and the potency of the sting is also increased by 300%.
  • Stung Once, Twice Shy:- Whenever attackers fill a bar of power, they are afflicted with a power sting for 6 seconds. Using a special attack cause energy damage.

Use Duped Namor for quick fights. He will make it cheese

Duped Namor will take no damage from sting while attacking the defender. So the trick here is that you need to fill the power bar to get the Sting applied on you while attacking defender and then use special attack.  The damage that you should get from Sting will reflect on the defender.

Use any Tech or Science Champion With Mister Fantastic Synergy

Every time you inflict a debuff on the defender (even parry), a sting debuff will be applied that stacks up to 3. It gets removed only when the defender uses a special attack and deals energy damage.

Use Hyperion (Best with Willpower, but not necessary)

Benefit from Willpower:- You can finish almost all the fights with a full health bar because Hyperion gains power and fill power bar a lot during the fight that will apply too many stings and he will keep healing. Remember that you should only use Special 3 while using hype and make sure sting is not applied to you.

Note:- Don’t try Warlock fight with Hyperion on this path if you are using Willpower. Warlock is against healing and it will have a negative effect. So you will need a different counter for Warlock.

Just parry –> heavy –> and Special 3.


Void Special 2 applies the Sting effect and his continuous degeneration helps a lot.

Use Quake or Archangel (Bug, but works)

Quake and Archangel is not supposed to work because they don’t apply sting. However, they are still working. Get the advantage of this before Kabam fixes the bug.

Use a champion that applies Sting effect

Not a very wise thing to do because these champions don’ hit hard enough. But, you can try them if you don’t have above-mentioned champions:-

  • Emma Frost:- Special 1 Applies Sting effect for 8 seconds.
  • Wasp:- Special apply sting for 6 seconds.
  • Yellowjacket:- Yellowjacket’s Special 1 and Special 2 has a 90% chance to apply sting for 8 seconds. Special 3 has a 100% chance to apply for 16 seconds.
  • Yellow Jacket with Wasp Synergy:- 40% chance to reply sting when its timer expires.