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The new Symbiote bonus difficulty has been added now to the Blood and Venom: Symbiomancer event. This bonus difficulty has been designed to use the 1-star Summoned Symboid champ that Kabam gave us at the start. This 1-star champ needs to be maxed out (R5) to play all the chapter. However, you must add required boosts to deal with some of the champions.

Hardened Coating Boost

Always keep this boost on as it has 100% chance to perfectly block all the damage at 100% health. That means, you will never lose any health as long as you block all the attack.

How to Beat Spider-Man Classic Boss

Boosts You Need

  • Fight Dirty: True Strike that will stop all evades.
  • Recoup: 110% Regeneration against damage over time debuff. This one is needed because when you back off, it will drain your health because of bleed.


How to Beat Vision OG/Classic Boss

Boosts You Need

  • Cleanse: To drain power (Block to drain Vision’s Power). As soon as the fight starts, hold block to drain power.
  • Undying: Become Indestructible for the first 5 seconds. Vision Starts with L3. If he uses Special 3 attack, it will save you.

How to Beat Kang Boss

Boosts You Need

  • Cracking Blow: It will break the armor and will also deal a great of amount of damage based on the armor opponent has.
  • Cleanse: Not mandatory if you are ready for a little long fight and can always bait L1. If you use special, Kang will get 1 bar of power and his L2 is unblockable.


How to Beat Red Deadpool Boss

Boosts You Need

  • Cauterize: It will block the healing when you use Special 1 attack.

That boost is even not needed if you are ready for a little long fight. The video below you see is without that boost. A couple of boosts are added but was not applied for Deadpool.

How to Beat Void Boss

Boosts You Need

  • Purge: It removes the buff. Parry and use heavy. Do it before void gets 5 fury buffs. If he does, he will get unblockable.
  • Recoup: It will regenerate 110% against the debuff damage over time applied on your champ.
  • Tenacious: 70% Chance to remove a debuff every 3 seconds. If you don’t use this, get ready to die suddenly when void reverse the healing effect.


How to Beat Symbiote Supreme

Boosts You Need

  • Cauterize: It blocks healing and help you gain health.
  • Cleanse: Hold Block to Drain Power (Start the fight with holding block)
  • Undying: Indestructible for the first 5 seconds. Symbiote Supreme starts with 3 bar of power. It will save you if he uses L3 at the start.

The fight in the video below was started with very low health. This is because of the Domino and Dorm that found on the same path. Dorm’ Degeneration and Domino’s Critical Failure cannot be recovered by this little buddy.